Khatsahlano 2017 – Photos

Khatsahlano was a complete dream yet again – we had so much fun running around and seeing as many friends perform as we could possibly manage. Alea played bass for Jody Glenham at the start of the day, then immediately after the 3 of us watched ACTORS’ set. We did an interview for Records in My Life on Northern Transmissons, ate a lot of snacks and ran into some friends we haven’t seen in awhile. We even ran into our friends from Derrival and ate some ice cream for them! More on that later. By the time our set came around, we were all exhausted, but we played our hearts out and had so much fun doing it. It’s always lovely to take a break from all the back-end work to go out and enjoy a beautiful day with our friends!

Photography by Timothy Nguyen

The Best Album Review Ever

We received word from a person named Trev in the UK that works with Goldflake, and he mentioned he was reviewing the album and asked us for a track-by-track. We never thought we were going to be hit with such a beautiful review. Thank you so much Trev for giving us so much of your thought and attention, it makes us feel so good when our hard work is recognized and people hear things in the record that were intentional and vulnerable.


Stopping by CBC

CBC Radio 3 invited us into the studio to record some band stories to play in between songs on the station – it was fun to recount some silly things that happened on tour, talk about our favourite local venues and bands, and just chat in general! Thanks for having us out CBC!

Opening for Amy Shark, y’all

We had an awesome time opening for Australia’s Amy Shark at the Biltmore on Tuesday June 20th! ¬†We had no idea if the crowd was going to be receptive to us at all, since our music is extremely different from what she’s doing, but people were into what we were doing, there was a huge crowd and it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Live Nation for inviting us out, and to Amy & her team for having us!