We're so pleased to announce that WE GOIN' BACK ON TOUR!! Thanks so much to Exclaim! for announcing for us, you can read their article HERE Though it hasn't been long since we've been on the road, it's been awhile since we've been across Canada, and this will be our first time across under the name Douse. We're so excited for the experiences ahead, and to see how the record does out east and across the prairies!

Opening for Amy Shark, y’all

We had an awesome time opening for Australia's Amy Shark at the Biltmore on Tuesday June 20th!  We had no idea if the crowd was going to be receptive to us at all, since our music is extremely different from what she's doing, but people were into what we were doing, there was a huge crowd and it was a lot of fun! Thanks to Live Nation for inviting us out, and to Amy & her team for having us!

PHOTOS: LP1 Vinyl Release Show

Photos by Javiera Bassi De La Barrera We are so blown away by the turnout at our vinyl release show - Stylus Records was completely packed, we had so much fun and were completely overwhelmed by your support. We talked with so many new and old friends, we yelled and threw ourselves around stage, we ate some tasty impromptu BBQ food outside the venue, it was a great night. It warmed our hearts to see so many people walking out with a copy of our vinyl, and we're so grateful to everyone that purchased a copy! Discorder wrote a review ...

Top 10 Band In The Whole World #CBC

Still from IMVERYAPE Session Whoa, thanks so much to CBC Music for including us in their emerging acts of Vancouver list! It feels so good to have our hark work acknowledged, especially when you have your nose to the grindstone for so long. Outside recognition that you are working hard means so much, and it makes us want to keep pushing. Much love CBC!! >>> YOU CAN READ THE ARTICLE HERE <<<

WC 2017 ` Day 10

We left our friend Nate’s in Calgary a little later than we should’ve perhaps. The last night was late for us. We slept in quite a bit for our last show of tour. Had a few bites said our sad goodbyes and headed for Edmonton. I did the whole drive. Stopped for a bit in a small town called, Innisdale? for the necessities – Subway and water. Also passed the sign for Drumheller and sighed that we didn’t have time to stop there. The hills in Alberta seemed drier and longer than I remember. Before we knew it though, we …

WC 2017 ` Day 9

In our case, there are only 4 times a year where we can celebrate a birthday on tour, when including our wonderful live member Victoria. Calgary just so happened to be my birthday, which lined up incredibly well, since Calgary is one of my favourite cities to play, and we were playing a Friday night with a stellar lineup. The day started out low-key, as we decided to relax for a while at our friend Nate’s house (check out his band Ultrviolence), where we’re staying at. After some toast and cold pancakes, we went for a walk at the park …