IOEO Music Video: Coming Soon

We're so thrilled to have wrapped on our first ever music video! Working with Nakasone Folk was such a smooth ride, they were so positive and professional; it really made the whole experience enjoyable, fun and satisfying. We spent a weekend shooting everything on a micro budget, and we're antsy to see what the final product looks like. Until then, we have these sneak peek shots that we've been fawning over. We're hooked on making videos now and can't wait to make more.

IOEO (Live Session)

Did we mention that Calgary was really good to us yet again on tour?! Well, it was so good that the kind people of IAMVERYAPE and Signals Studios hosted us for a brand new live session, we can't thank them nearly enough for their work and hospitality. Both grateful and excited to bring you this video, hope you enjoy it. FEATURE ON ION MAGAZINE

VLOG #10: LP1 Recording PT 1

It's been awhile, but due to overwhelmingly popular demand our vlogs are BACK IN TOWN! Exactly a year ago, we were in The Hive Creative Labs recording our first full length album. Finally, we have a short behind the scenes series taken from that experience so that you can find out exactly what we were up to. This is part 1 of 3!

Recording LP1: RECAP

We’re back. It has been an intensive two weeks holed up in the studio. We borrowed a massive van (thanks to Within Rust) to transport our gear from the mainland to Vancouver Island, loaded everything in the space the night before we began, drums were tracked in the first three days, I broke my glasses, bass was done shortly after on top of Alea’s guitar then vocals and cello and trombone and strings… needless to say, it was a huge learning experience. It was also the first time we really dug into the recording process as a band with complete confidence and …