IOEO (Live Session)

Did we mention that Calgary was really good to us yet again on tour?! Well, it was so good that the kind people of IAMVERYAPE and Signals Studios hosted us for a brand new live session, we can't thank them nearly enough for their work and hospitality. Both grateful and excited to bring you this video, hope you enjoy it. FEATURE ON ION MAGAZINE

demoing lp1

Went into the studio last weekend with Colin Stewart at his home away from home on Vancouver Island. It felt like forever since we had been in a proper studio, and his proved comfortable and daunting at the same time. The space truly helped us feel like we had gone up a level and that was encouraging. We spent three days laying down all of our material so far for the next release so we could hammer down on what needs tweeking and what needs complete remodeling. Being there opened up some very interesting avenues that we haven't explored before ...