WC 2017 ` Day 1

I can’t remember if I was picked up or I took transit. I somehow met up with Alea and Pat and our van. We drove down from Alea’s. Thank goodness there was a spot when we arrived at Neptoon. Quickly loading in and moving our stuff to the tiny backroom, stacking our gear in between CDs and on each other’s instruments, we stood around the packed crowd as Steve Hamm ripped on a theromin, singing on a headset microphone. It was awesome and his presence was incredible. We got there when his set had just started. Alea went to park the car a few blocks away for free. The was no to time for talkin’ with Tim and Rob amidst the crowd, but there was a surprisingly good balance of volume and levels from the room. They were all preoccupied making sales and stocking shelves. Either way, Hamm: The One Man Band finished and loaded out. The crowd thinned and we were able to grab our awkwardly stored gear and shift through the people. Thank goodness there was a backline. I think it was supposed to be outside before it began to rain so I could’ve used my kit but the backline was all excellent. We could just fit in the corner comfortably. Taking five minutes to check guitars, tune, adjust my stands and test dynamics and levels, we were up and running in no time. I noticed a few more people in the crowd. Sarah Fawcett was there to take pictures of us for Red On Black Music, her blog. We began with I Am More Directed and kept a similar intensity throughout the set, we ended with Worsening. Maybe it was how close we were or how near the amps were but the stage volume was great and we performed very well, especially for such a strange room. The audience was really positive too. I did a lot of banter at this show. I haven’t had the chance to talk to the crowd in a while. I think I handled it really well and people enjoyed it, even if they didn’t react. Felt good. A few people kept with us to the car and helped bring out gear. We sold some merch from our van. People were gracious and complimentary about our set, even some people along the way to our van. After a bit of hanging out, we went back to the shop where Nardwuar was standing out front talking to fans. We stuck around for thirty minutes to chat. Ran into more people and when everyone had to go, I went back in to buy some music. I was sad that we were going to leave and miss the insanity that would ensue in The Evaporators set but, what do you do? We drove back feeling pretty satisfied. Chatted a bit about the show.