I woke up with the duv​​et having fallen on the floor of the odd motel room. The others had gotten up before me, I woke up but didn’t get out of bed. It was 10:13AM by the time I got up so that I’d have enough time to load out with them. I could hear them joking about the shower spraying water all over the bathroom. I couldn’t wait. When I got in the bathroom, the walls were moist and the floor was uncomfortably wet. I hurried into the shower and into the fire hose-like water pressure. It was sharp but nice. It was like my dad giving me a massage. I tried to hurry and shave with it but it was really nice so I was probably still in there a bit longer than the others. When I got out and cleaned up, I hurried and they were starting to load out. I didn’t want them to do that without me. I helped and did a double-check of the room. Patrick left food in the fridge, the fan was on, the soap was still there. Alea came in, we checked and left. Tim Hortons first, got hot water and Alea ate the last of their oatmeal, I ate some random bars and such. Next, we went to the pawn shop where I spent forty dollars on PS3 games, then Shopper’s to see if they had Victoria’s phone charger and to go to the bathroom. It was too expensive there so she got it at a gas station later on. Apparently, she forgotten it at Jim and Alice’s. Alea took the first shift and we headed out. They did the first few hours with me in front, they said they fell asleep at 4AM and got up around 9:30AM or so. They napped as I drove the rest, I think. We hit a gas station along the way, concerned about the fuel gauge accuracy. I ate bars and snacks along the way, keeping off hunger until dinner. Was going to switch off with Victoria after a while but didn’t because I was listening to LotR again and the chapter was never-ending.  I was teetering but managing. I ended up driving all the way to the boat marina. I found soon after we began driving through the cute little downtown, that the directions were for our accommodation, not the venue. We found out the day before that we would be staying in a long trailer with beds. We arrived at the marina and Alea didn’t know where to go, we searched the grounds and buildings. Soon, a woman drove up and I got out to ask her where we might go. We drove back to the number of the address along the rough, narrow road. Pulled into a small cabin, trailer park with a big lodge and small beach. Alea knocked on the lodge door and Laura came out, the owner, she showed us to our trailer. We loaded in our personals and took a second. Talked about beds, Patrick took the one in the back to himself, he fit on it. Alea and I took the queen bed. Victoria slept on a pull out that I couldn’t fit on. I only fit on the queen. The trailer didn’t lock, but Laura assured us that it was safe and nobody would be around. After that we drove back into town to load in and find food. There weren’t many restaurants in the vicinity of the venue. The others bought some dinner at one of the only places that was open and Victoria waited for it while we drove down the block to the venue to load in. No one was there. So, we waited outside. Victoria walked down the road with the food and I ate some bars, the last bagel from Fairmount and a can of beans. I wasn’t feeling great and my body decided Larabars were gross as hell. The others ate some food outside on the patio of the venue, and I listened to LotR in the van. The staff arrived. It was a nice, simple bar that despite the box shape of the building, wrapped around a half circle bar in the centre of the building. The PA was decent but they only had one mic and it was quarter inch to XLR, so we couldn’t output Alea’s mic. The stage was just big enough for us to stay comfortable. Alea set up merch before I even realized they had started. We didn’t really soundcheck, there wasn’t much of a point. Patrick was doing sound and the board was on stage. He just connected the mic. I used one less cymbal and tried to work my dynamics. Reilly Scott arrived. She was a sweet, friendly singer songwriter. She was very supportive and excited for us. When we were loading out, the bar was getting busy, around 11PM, unfortunately. Reilly had people come for her set and when we went on, some older women left, presumably because we were too loud. We kind of just started. I felt kind of disoriented and messed up the beginning completely. They were blasting top forty and country in between sets. I totally stumbled at the beginning of our first one, Speak. Didn’t play for a few bars and came in without confidence. I was just stumbling all over the place. I even dampened my floor tom and hi hat but still struggled. I was just waiting for it to be over. When we reached out last song, the crowd asked for more and we played Careless and IAMD, having warned them of the juxtaposition. We kind of motored through the set, very minimal banter. Finally, it was over and I broke down the kit. Despite everything, someone asked us to sign their vinyl and Rich, a local musician and guy who produced Reilly’s new record, had a lot to say. He was stoked. He was wearing a Death Cab For Cutie shirt and compared us to them. We had a lengthy conversation before Patrick and Victoria joined in and I finished breaking down the kit. He offered a place to stay if we didn’t have one, it was nice of him to offer and it’s nice to know that we can do that next time. He said he understood the tour struggle having done it when he was younger. The manager left us complementary drinks at the bar and we each grabbed one. The men at the bar were unexpectedly complimentary. An older bearded man and a burly, older guy that looked and acted like he could be an action movie star especially stood out. They were all very kind. I thought they would be turned off by our music. Glad to know we can come back to this place with a warm welcome. The older guy was very drunk and incoherent. I made conversation with the bartender, her name was Kate and she was from the UK. She had only been working there for a few months, she actually travels often and was going to be leaving in a few days for the west coast. I chatted with her a tad in between all of the conversations. She said this was her last shift and we brought up kayaking in the morning, she hadn’t gone yet either and it was free on the camp site. So we made a plan to go out the next day. I told the rest as we indulged in the free popcorn. We hung out a bit. Loaded out as people filed in. Got to the camp site in no time. Loaded only the stuff that could become weather worn into the trailer and everyone noticed their pillows were gone and replaced by random ones. Alea and Vic went to the owner and apparently, the people by the big fire at the water had taken ours and lied that they didn’t know that the trailer was occupied and those didn’t belong to the resort. Such weird bullshit. We checked our personal bags that had been left plainly out in the trailer, and nothing else was taken. So weird. We watched a bit of an SNL rerun on the TV before bed.