Hey everyone, it’s been a long time since we’ve really been clear about what we’re up to, so here’s a run down of how the past couple of months have been.
We played a showcase at The Cellar as part of The Cellar Launch Project in February, and at the time I, (Alea) had a bad cold, but felt okay about performing and I sang anyway. My voice did not take well to it, and the next couple of days I lost my voice. It has not recovered since then, and I have been doing my best to figure out what’s going on to get myself back to full health.
We went into the “studio” (or rather, Jonathan Anderson’s basement) to record our first new songs since officially becoming a band, and we have a vlog about it here. It was a great experience for us; we learned a lot and we feel good about the results. For me, the change from my singer-songwriter-esque writing in Offerings, and the writing I’ve done with the band on these new songs is significantly disparate; having the thoughts and influences and contributions of Jeremiah and Patrick has created this whole new headspace from which I write, and though this growth has been positive it has also been challenging. Now that we’ve put in all the hard work of creating, re-working and recording our efforts, it will be really great to find out what you think of the band dynamic we’ve been crafting since Offerings came out.
Despite my illness, we have a lot of good things to look forward to when the time comes. I appreciate the support people have shown, and I am going to be very, very ecstatic when I am able to sing and perform again.

Until we have further news, all the best

– Alea