Ten Canadian Gems – New Noise Magazine

Always trying to understand new music, New Noise Magazine to a look up north to find some hidden gems of their music scene. To do this, we worked with Douse, a Vancouver Art rock band. Recently, the group released The Light in You Has Left in 2016, but are gearing up for more music as 2019 comes into view.

“In regards to Canadian music, I can definitely say that I feel that it’s a hot bed for prime experimental pop and post-punk. Bands like Preoccupations, Braids and We Are The City have always been groups to push the envelope of the standard genre. The play between sometimes crunchy, distorted production and unconventional and unpredictable musicality has proved to be an inspiring underbelly to the more mainstream industry that artists like Feist seem to seemlessly hop between. I find Canadian music can easily be dismissed when a lot of the artists we’re known for reside in rock n roll or folk stylings. That being said, much like anywhere you go the lesser known scene here is creating completely outside the rules of the music that we’re used to having shoveled into our ears and I think it’s worth celebrating.” – Douse

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Luminocity Launch Party / Oct 13 / Douse, At Mission Dolores

We’re making our Kamloops debut next weekend on Oct 13th at The Rotary Bandshell in Riverside Park as part of the Luminocity Launch Party! It’s free, it’s all-ages, it’s gonna be a hoot. For those older than 19, there will be delicious craft brewed beverages served by BrewLoops Beer Festival. Also playing are Jared Jackel’s Bad Vibrations and At Mission Dolores. Music starts at 8:30pm, let’s have a time!

Thank you, Band in Seattle.

One of the biggest milestones of our career was last night at Band in Seattle! Thank you so much to everyone that made this experience as fun & heartwarming as it was. We’re loving our trips down to the States and have been so moved by the people we’ve met. We truly can’t wait to come back in November.