DAY 2: Banff

Leaving this morning at 9:30AM, we hit the road; a cavalcade of heat and truckers. We pretty well powered through most of the trek with our minds in tact despite the unexpected number of construction zones along the way. Wishing that we had booked a night at any one of the cities that we had to make stops in already, we filled the void of bad decisions and driving with leftover Chinese food and pretzels. After a nine and a half hour drive in the tour van, AKA Alea’s car, AKA Sweatbox 2015, we arrived in Banff at the Hi-Alpine Centre in one piece – the car is currently packed to the brim, with most of the contents of the backseat spilling over onto Patrick thus showering him in a snack avalanche.
Checking into the hostel was both a treat and surprise. Upon signing in, we were surprised to find free meals, hot showers, comfortable beds and, most of all, free parking. It was most definitely the most luxurious means of kicking off our travels and we feel extremely lucky to have been provided such gracious, kind hospitality. The small pub downstairs proved quaint, intimate and filled with friendly travelers and eager listeners. We decided on a more stripped down set off the cuff of older material given the size of the venue and went upstairs for dinner.
Feeling good about how we all played and hobbling back to our beds after each of our sets, we awaited the fourteen shows that we had coming for us.


DAY 1: Vancouver

photo cred: steven shepherd

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to every single person that bought a ticket and contributed to our first big tour kick off show. We were blown away by the undying support last August when you packed out The Media Club for our “Flies/Lancaster” Release Party, so, needless to say, seeing a full house at The Fox was a perfect dream for us. We would also like to show our appreciation to our sponsors of the evening (Cariboo Brewing, CJSF and Y57 Media), they sent us donations to give away and spun us on their radio programs which we couldn’t be more grateful for. Despite our rush-y behaviour last night in prepping and making sure the night ran smoothly, you should know that we were so pleased to see all of our good friends and, to our surprise, a whole slew of new people.

Dante Hadden kicked off the evening with his beautiful voice and rhythmic, looping guitar work. I had yet to see him perform up until that point and was pleasantly surprised to hear him play upon hearing a lot of about him. Alexandria Maillot was just as dreamy, if not more, having had Daniel Baxter accompany her soothing voice with a wash of ambient guitar. Please, send them some love and take a listen to their music, they truly deserve the world over.

There isn’t much I feel I need to say about the rest of the show to be honest other than that we were relieved and happy that the material we have been working on for months was so well received. Having not played a local show in six months, it was difficult to predict how the night would go. We had an unrealistic amount of pent up energy that I think Patrick almost smashed his guitar and I bent one of my stands. Not to mention, it was the first show in quite a while that we had a bass player (thanks to Nick Russell of The Good In Everyone), I don’t know how we will comfortably function as a three-piece again after performing with bass. After everything was said and done, we truly do not know how our next big show will top that one but we cannot wait to share it with you.

In a week, we leave Vancouver and begin our trek across the country for the first time in our lives. It’s a terrifying and exhilarating feeling that we can’t help but feel spoiled in having. The Good In Everyone has done this before and we are excited to experience this with them, still I am sincerely unsure how messy this tour would be without their help.

You can also relive the evening through Beatroute’s eyes here.

Jer, Alea, Patrick


We are very pleased to announce that, late spring, we’ll be touring across Canada with our friends, The Good in Everyone. If you know anyone – cousins, friends, old roommates that you’re still in touch with, etc. – throughout the country, or live in any of these cities yourself, we would love to meet you and say “hello” at a show! This is a remarkably thrilling opportunity for us and we would be so appreciative if you would be a part of it with us.

You can follow individual show details on our SHOWS page or via this Facebook event:

See you on the road,

Jer, Alea, Patrick

Busy At Work

photo cred: steven shepherd

Hey everyone,

We have been a little silent as of late, so it seemed like the right time to fill you all in on what’s happening.

In case you haven’t been keeping track of us on Facebook, we’ve been busy planning and writing since our short weekend tour at the end of January. The past few months have been incredibly full for us despite our outward appearance.

In March, we had the privilege of taking part in International Women’s Day with Sofar Sounds. It was our first take-away and acoustic show, taking place in a very friendly house full of music enthusiasts. Admission was by donation and the audience wasn’t informed of the line-up or location of the private event until the morning of the show. Needless to say, we had an amazing time and were humbled to even find some of you there (thank you!). The organizers were warm and welcoming, the audience attentive and enthusiastic, and other performers beautiful and unique. They will be releasing exclusive live videos from the show in the next few weeks so, keep your eyes open for that.

Aside from a massive announcement that we will be sharing near the end of the month (STAY TUNED), we’re excited to work on our new material that we feel completely diverges from our older work. In that, we’re confident that you will appreciate the steps we’ve taken to incorporate new, refreshing influences and elements. Though we still do not feel that we have completely pinpointed where we stand in genre, we feel we’re only getting closer and more comfortable musically.

That being said, each of us have been hard at work with other projects as well whether it’s Patrick and his other seventy-plus projects and recording services or Jeremiah’s session work in Mesa Luna and Megan Twist. Things are busy at the Alea Rae HQ, so stay tuned for more developments!

See you soon,



70 Press releases, 3 cities, 800 kilometres and 64 hours later: Tour is over. The last weekend of January was absolutely unbelievable. Starting in Chilliwack, we were greeted with overwhelming kindness and warmth by not only the venue staff at the Acoustic Emporium, but the audience and people around town. The show was more successful than we had expected, being we had never played in Chilliwack prior. The room was sufficiently filled with attentive locals and the opener, Michael Alleckna, played a beautiful set.

The first show left high standards for the days to come. Luckily, the Streaming Cafe deemed just as wonderful. They were thoroughly accommodating every step of the way and did not disappoint in bringing a full house to our first show in Kelowna. Even if the crowd had not been so substantial, we would have been just as happy playing for their massive online following as the show was live streamed on their website – for those of you who did not tune in, you can watch the recorded show here for free. The evening started with Windmills, who played a great set mixed with exceptional banter; we tried out a few new songs that we’ve been working on over the past few months and received a particularly encouraging response. When we woke up the next morning, we had found that the weather had not been too kind on our driving conditions, and we crept slowly out of Kelowna in the snow.

It was a long, steady trek to Abbotsford for our last stop, but we made it with enough time to take it easy for a while. Red Tape Productions helped put together our final show with Kin and Oh Village and we were exceedingly pleased with the turnout, yet again. It was our first time seeing both groups live and we were so glad that we chose to play with them; they proved to be everything spectacular that we had heard they were.

After a beautiful evening and an exhausting weekend we could not believe the turnout and positive energy of all three shows; thank you to everyone that came out. And, special thanks to Acoustic Emporium, Streaming Cafe and Red Tape Productions for being so accommodating and hosting the events! We can not wait to go on tour again; it was such a phenomenal experience for us.

Jer, Patrick, Alea


Alea Rae Winter Tour Poster

Hey everyone, we’re going on our FIRST EVER tour at the end of this month! We’ll be playing in Chilliwack, Kelowna, and Abbotsford. Check out the details on our “Shows” page.