I woke up at around 11AM or something. I dazily stumbled upstairs to shower and waited outside the bathroom as Victoria finished. The shower was a foot lower than my head as usual so I squatted down, shaved with soap so I actually looked clean for once and motored downstairs to catch up with breakfast/lunch that our hosts, Jakki and Bob, so graciously prepared. I ate Lucky Charms, the cereal I soon found they did not want anymore; good news for me. And I tripped over the dog gate instead of opening it. We had a feast of juice, toast, eggs, and bacon. It feels strange after two days of not so great meals. We chatted a bit, really just meeting each other and tried to figure out what we were going to do for the day. We decided to do some work and leisure for a few hours. Alea played with their dog, Rigby, a lot. Rigby likes to play fetch, but doesn’t like giving you the ball to throw, which makes fetch very challenging to execute. Watched some videos, made some posts and packed up at 3PM to leave without Victoria because she was still quite ill and in dire need of sleep and rest. We went to Salvation Army and Value Village, and immediately ran into our friend Landon from LASKA incidently, it was a wild surprise. He later came to the show after saying he would. We didn’t find anything at the thrift stores, game store or the Long and McQuade. So we came back just as dinner was being wrapped up, unravelled ourselves a bit and headed to the table. They made some delicious chicken, veggies, salad and wine. Bob gave me a little wine workshop. Taught me about different wine glasses and how they affect the flavour. After everyone cleared the table, Bob and I spoke shortly about drums and I found out that Ron Dunnett came from Regina and everyone knows him. We loaded the car and headed to the venue. Was a little nervous about turnout for this one and was flustered, after we set up, to get the door float going. It was a neat little 50’s dinner with plenty of space for the show we needed. People soon began to file in and actually paid instead of walking away after hearing the cover charge. We were racking up people quickly and Legends was playing a really great 80’s U2, Bon Iver style set. Jeffrey (Rah Rah), Nick (Nick Faye and The Deputies) and Landon (Laska) all came for the show and I thought that was really cool. They all actually like us and support us. Really felt good to know that. I spoke with Jeff for a bit and Nick and Landon for a smaller bit. It was all especially nice after hearing Nick and Jeff don’t go to shows much, and they had made the effort to come see ours. Was nice to connect with them.

Our set went pretty well. The drums filled the room. People seemed to really enjoy us, we sold a decent amount of merch. Even the guy in the King Crimson shirt reading the huge book at the bar from our load in to the end of the show apparently came up and bought a CD and said nothing. Later found out his name is Dave and he does that at every show. Feeling good about the show and having wrapped up with the bands and venue owner, we headed out and hung out at the house for a minute before heading to our beds. I had a beer and some ice cream and a popsicle. Been really indulging at that house. Did a few things on the tablet like download games, answer messages I think and went to bed.