We woke up in a beautiful house in Regina – our hosts Jakki and Bob were kind enough to feed us breakfast once we all crawled out of bed. After some chatting and light band work, Jer, Patrick and I headed into town to poke around some thrift stores and a videogame store. We ran into Landon, the drummer of Laska; we chatted a bit and he said he was hoping to come out to our show that night. We were happy to see him, and we continued poking around the city from there. I found a great cross stitch of a drum kit, which Jer sadly did not buy. We went back to the house to have a truly amazing dinner before heading to the show. We were a little nervous about how it would go after our show in Saskatoon, but we had a great turnout, made some money at the door and sold quite a bit of merch! The bands were really lovely and kind and generous as well. We were happy and relieved with how things went. One of the highlights of the night was truly a plot twist: when we first loaded into the venue, there was a man sitting at the bar reading a book, and he remained that way for the entire duration of the show. We didn’t think much of it, but as I was packing up our merch at the end of the night he came up to me and asked for a CD. I was surprised, and said so, also saying I appreciated that he was listening. He nodded curtly at me and left. We later learned his name, and that he goes to every show, reads and buys CDs. It was wonderful.