Early morning this one was. We woke up in Regina to a wonderful porridge made by the illustrious patriarch of the Crowe family, Bob. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS. They also provided a lovely little care package for us to consume from. The drive from Regina to Winnipeg definitely wasn’t as bad as previous drives from the trip, as we were able to spot some trees and whatnot. I was even able to spot the McDonalds we went to from the tour we did two years ago. Interesting how you can remember some things but not other, more important things, like names and birthdays and social security numbers. Many naps were had in the backseat of the Caravan, but eventually, we woke up to the beautiful view of Winnipeg’s gorgeous gray, rectangular apartments. But on a more serious note, there are some lovely little neighbourhoods in the suburbs of Winnipeg. After loading our personals into the house we are staying in, we went to a tasty vegan burger restaurant, just down the street from the venue we played in. I had the sweet Thai burger, which provided some freshness that Ritz peanut butter cracker/sandwich/whatsits are unable to provide. After a delicious dinner, we loaded in our gear to The Handsome Daughter, which was much bigger than expected! The drumkit that was provided was UUUGE. So many parts to it, all of which I wanted Jer to incorporate, none of which he did. The other bands were fantastic; made me very jealous to be honest. Oh well. Can’t be a guitar god everywhere.