Not too much to say about the drive. We did around 6 hours. After a terrible night of no sleep on the floor and a bowl of spaghetti, we had showers, packed up somehow and loaded out. Hit up a Starbucks for water and Dollarama for candles. The drive was quite uneventful. I don’t remember what we saw really. It was grey and raining all the way to The English River Inn. Last time we did this drive, it was nice and clear so it was easy to appreciate the sights. It’s okay. We made the best of it. I don’t think I was in a bad mood. I took over the driving after Alea and made it to the inn just fine. We did arrive at like 8PM which was sad. We wouldn’t have as much rest as we need or could otherwise. But it was nice to have a clean, proper bed and space and shower. I could do this every night. We spent some time settling in, downloading games on the tablet, watching wrestling, talking. Alea and I joined Victoria on a stroll down to the lake to carve things we want to achieve in candles and burn them down. It was Victoria’s idea. It was cool to try something new and positive. It was a solar eclipse today. Into my candle I carved the words: patience, openness, love, acceptance, etc. The candles didn’t burn down all the way outside so we went inside. A mosquito boiled in my candle. That was awful and bloody. The next few hours we hung out and did our own thing. Set the alarm for 9AM to get breakfast before it closed at 9:30AM.