By: Tara Thompson

Alea Rae are an indie folk band based out of Vancouver, BC. The band started as Alea’s solo project but band mates Jeremiah Ackermann and Patrick Farrugia joined in February 2013. Although only being together for a short time, they’ve already gained International attention. We had a chance to ask the band a few questions. Check them out below.

For someone who hasn’t heard the band before, can you describe your sound?

AR: Indie rock with chamber pop and electronic influences. We draw from a number of styles making it difficult to pinpoint a genre. Some of our material derives from traditional folk progressions and rhythms, whereas other songs hit closer to home with modern bands like The National or Radiohead. Our work is quite guitar driven, however, we’ve been experimenting a lot with new sounds and pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

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