5 Years since Offerings

It’s been 5 years since we put out the Offerings EP. We can’t believe we’ve been playing together for so long and how much our sound has changed since that initial release. Looking forward to debuting some new material at shows over the next few months.

First Day at our NEW Jam Space

Can’t believe we finally have a proper rehearsal space. No more studio apartments or borrowing from friends, it’s suddenly that much easier to spend all of our money. 🎊

Final Practice at the Sapperton Jam Space

Last night, we had one final practice at our space of four years. It’s bittersweet to go and to change. We wrote most of our material here and learned how to work together. There are so many moments and memories that we look back at and won’t soon forget.

On top of that, today is the five year anniversary of our first show together. It’s strange to part with something like this, a place that holds our formative time together. Here’s to the next step and something new.