Khatsahlano 2017 – Photos

Khatsahlano was a complete dream yet again – we had so much fun running around and seeing as many friends perform as we could possibly manage. Alea played bass for Jody Glenham at the start of the day, then immediately after the 3 of us watched ACTORS’ set. We did an interview for Records in My Life on Northern Transmissons, ate a lot of snacks and ran into some friends we haven’t seen in awhile. We even ran into our friends from Derrival and ate some ice cream for them! More on that later. By the time our set came around, we were all exhausted, but we played our hearts out and had so much fun doing it. It’s always lovely to take a break from all the back-end work to go out and enjoy a beautiful day with our friends!

Photography by Timothy Nguyen

PHOTOS: LP1 Vinyl Release Show

Photos by Javiera Bassi De La Barrera

We are so blown away by the turnout at our vinyl release show – Stylus Records was completely packed, we had so much fun and were completely overwhelmed by your support. We talked with so many new and old friends, we yelled and threw ourselves around stage, we ate some tasty impromptu BBQ food outside the venue, it was a great night. It warmed our hearts to see so many people walking out with a copy of our vinyl, and we’re so grateful to everyone that purchased a copy!

Discorder wrote a review of the show, you can read it HERE.

We Appreciate’cha

Thank you so much to our amazing, enthusiastic, kind-hearted, and most of all bad-ass bassist Victoria!! We’ve been so glad to have her on board these past 7 months and she made tour 10x more fun. She will be available for session work soon, so if you need her to shred some frets on your album/at your show, give her a shout!!

massive photo cred: Aishath N Boskma Photography

RIP #WC2017

We are home! Thank you so much to everyone that came to a show, let us sleep on their couches, played alongside us, or simply supported us along the way. When we have our noses to the grindstone, we sometimes don’t see the beautifully generous people we have in our lives, and we are so, so grateful for you. So much love to everyone that made this a success for us; we are thankful we were able to do this and are looking forward to what we have planned in the fall.

So much love,
Alea, Jeremiah, Patrick, Victoria

Photo by Darren Ho Media


The past week has been thrilling and nerve-racking. We’re currently working on some very big plans for the rest of the year, spending lots of money and, as of Friday, listening to our record on vinyl. I myself am simply shocked by the positivity. We are co-releasing our vinyl through Kingfisher Bluez, and on Friday we were told that our first test pressing had arrived. OUR FIRST RECORD ON VINYL. Some of you may know that I’m very much a vinyl guy, so naturally I was very emotional. And amidst all of this, we were able to listen to it after hours at THE Neptoon Records.

Just before we arrived, we discovered that we would be listening to it in the presence of the owner, Rob, and “The Human Serviette”, Nardwaur himself. What are the chances?! All in all, they seemed to really appreciate our music and the vinyl sounded incomparable to any other form of our music that I have heard. I’m just gushing with joy at the prospect of receiving our records in a month. We can not wait to get them ourselves, let alone share them with you pals!