Waking up in Sudbury on half the mattress wasn’t my favourite way to start the morning – haha. Anyways, we got up and I called the maintenance guy, Trevor, to let us back into the venue. He was nice. He actually bought a patch last night. We loaded out as quickly as possible. Drove to a nearby Tim Hortons, picked up bagels, donuts, hot water and sat there for a sec to eat before driving out to Toronto. Alea took the first drive and I took the second. It wasn’t much of a drive but I was glad I was able to experience going into Toronto. It was nerve-racking at first, and after a little while I got more used to the highway nonsense. People just speed, weave between lanes, cut people off regularly. It’s crazy. I talked a lot on the drive in, commenting on people’s driving more than usual. Didn’t actually take long before we made it to our accommodation, thank goodness. We were all feeling gross. Jim, our accomodation host, greeted us as we arrived, him and Alice, Jim’s wife, took us in before we brought our bags in. They showed us the cute basement area that we would be staying in. I was very taken aback. Couldn’t quite fathom that we could all have separate beds and so much space to hang out if we want. The layout was also quite nice. He talked to us about the renovations and where everything is. They were going to set up the beds while we were out. We took a second to decide on beds and all had a much needed shower. With that out of the way, it was time to drive to the venue. I drove us in. It was an okay drive. I picked up a new snare case at Long and McQuade before the show. When we arrived at the venue, I was surprised that it was right by The Garrison and The Drake. It was a popular area, didn’t anticipate that after the response I felt that I was getting from bands and people not knowing the venue. I stopped around back to load in. Apparently, we had to use the house kit, which I wasn’t fond of. The drums were in a nook in the wall enclosed with sound proofing. Sounded great but there was no space in the nook and no space in the bar really. I had to bring my kit in anyways because though we had to cover some stuff in the van and park it, I wasn’t about to do that with the kit. We put the kit in a locked room downstairs. Rushing around, I asked for help to park, Alea helped. We went out to get food and I helped Alea find a salad because they were hankering for one. Found a place called “The Goods”, Alea really liked it. Alea began scarfing down their takeout right away and I scoured the streets for my food. Also asked a few record shops along the way about consignment, so I have to make my rounds to those places at some point to drop off our vinyl. I found a place that served giant slices of pizza and I’ve always wanted that. So I picked up a slice of spicy capocollo and artichoke hearts. It was amazing. I could do that again. I returned to the now full venue. Patrick figured out the door situation and Kira May had just started her set. She sounded so good, such an interesting sound. Kind of like a female Bon Iver. And she was so sweet when I met her earlier. I may have over-expressed my enthusiasm towards her set later on but I was really impressed. We went on next. I was nervous, our friend, Adam Iredale also made it out and I said “Hi” and “Thank you!”. The stage sound was not as good as I’d hoped and I felt so rushed that I didn’t have time to make myself comfortable. I didn’t feel good about my playing, I even messed up a ton of fills, including just stopping in IAMD. It was a challenge and I’m upset that I didn’t play as well as I would have liked through such a set up show. I told everyone the box that I was in didn’t help and I think that is true in part. Being stressed and frustrated did not help mostly. That being said the other drummers had headphones on, so that helped them a lot, no doubt. I watched the show from there on out. Ketch Harbour Wolves was setting up when our merch table collapsed. The sour keys hit the floor, the glass in the merch frame and glass earplug jar shattered. People got in the way, too many people tried to help, Alea was scrambling in the tiny space that we had to sort through everything that had fallen and I couldn’t help the way I wanted to. I did what I could and wrangled a broom. Sweeping up the broken glass, KHW started their set, and we didn’t set the merch back up again. I watched everything. They played really well. Great sound. Genuine and kind people. I began to settle with the door money. Can’t believe how successful the show was in what I knew to be a challenging city to play. Really proud of this show, despite my performance. I loaded the gear out front and then Alea pulled the van around back so I took everything out back through the bar again – haha. The bar that was trying to get another show going after us. I expressed my thanks to Kira and she said that she will keep us in mind for Vancouver in the spring, which I feel great about. KHW also said that they would love to play with us again next time we’re in town. We jetted out of there pretty quickly to get some sleep, which I’m sure affected my playing tonight too. Alea drove and I did my best with directions, unfortunately that resulted in me sending us on a 30 minute detour. I didn’t feel good about that. Alea asked Patrick to start giving directions, understandably. Around 11:30PM or something, we made it back and loaded in, cleaned up for bed. I was up for a few just doing some personal stuff. Alea passed out soon after lying down.