We got up around 11:30AM. We probably could’ve slept another few hours to be honest. We took our time, hopped in the shower and cleaned up before heading upstairs to a gracious brunch. Eggs, bagels, juice, coffee, tea, cereal. Feels like I’m home with the amount of food I’m eating here. We talked with Jim about his four kids and six grandchildren. Some in Toronto, some in Vancouver. The grandchildren mostly older. Found out him and Alice are in their 80s which is unbelievable judging by their appearance, ability and sharpness. He talked about what his kids do, an accident he was in back in 1994 that resulted in the best health care he had ever received. Him and Alice are so sweet. We talked at the table about today’s plan. Really just needed to have the van taken care of. Alea and I decided to go and do that. They researched a few places, made some calls, found an okay price. We pulled in and out in less than 10 minutes. Was so speedy, very professional too. We decided to just go to one of the many, many thrift stores and a dollar store before heading back to the house. Looking for a new frame for the merch sign, maybe a sweater since Ontario was unseasonably cold, but we didn’t end up finding much. On the way back Alea was hungry so we figured we’d hurry back and eat beans since all the vegan restaurants were the opposite direction. I wanted to stop at a drum shop real quick though (Just Drums) to see what they had to offer. Had some very interesting gear and pieces. I chatted with the guy there about venues and the scene. The people there were nice enough. Was probably there longer than I should have been. Didn’t get anything though. Alea got some pizza that they didn’t like, so inherently they gave it to me. We drove back to the house and had some beans for a late lunch, and got a few loose ends done. Soon enough, we needed to start packing the van for the show that night. So we got going and I drove us to Guelph. It was an alright drive. We arrived 20 minutes early. Loaded in, went to the Van Gogh’s Ear restaurant because we found out we get a fifteen percent discount. Couldn’t turn that down. Food was pretty decent and oddly enough it was Mexican. I rushed upstairs to set up the drums so we could get soundcheck going. We did a quick one and passed it on to Ohmeander. Apologized for the lateness and introduced myself to the bands. They were nice people. Was happy about that, great way to start the night. I talked to the sound guy about draw here, the last few nights and what he was moving on to after his last show here (tonight). I also went to the bathroom in the women’s bathroom because the door of the men’s stall was non-existent. People actually began filling in the room a bit when doors opened which was a relief. It’s a large room and our last show in Guelph didn’t go exactly as we’d hoped. The sound guy, Kyle, recommended we push the show to ten because Ohmeander’s people are here right now and might leave and people usually start to show around ten thirty. He was right for the most part. Ohmeander played a nice set. Really tight, especially for that style of music. Victor, the lead was sweet and bought our record before the show. He said he had been listening to it all day. We stepped up and I rushed around to set up as usual. I don’t think that the set went exceptionally well on my end but it was alright. I played IAMD very fast and it got messy. Just glad that the crowd was cheering and had some positive words to say afterwards. I was happy to play my own kit at the very least. The Bandicoots went on after us and threw on a real indie rock experience. They were kind people too. The show ended, we settled. Double checked upstairs and said goodbye and thank you to Kyle and Nik (venue owner/promoter). Alea drove us back to Toronto. We loaded in, settled and passed out. It was around 3AM by that time. We were going to get up at 9:00.