We woke up tired and I slept in the wrong position half of the night so I was a bit sore. Hopped in the shower around 9:25AM. Breakfast was waiting upstairs. I met Alea and Victoria up there. Cereal, eggs, bacon, bagel, banana, watermelon, coffee. Quite filling. We hurried to get going afterwards. We were running past our scheduled time by around 30 minutes. Victoria took the drive there. We met quite a bit of traffic. Took us a tad bit longer than we estimated. Eventually made it into Niagara though. It seemed like a normal place first glance. There was a tall sight-seeing tower to go up, the parking we snagged was $10. We parked, packed up and walked to the falls. They only became more grandiose as we got closer. I was busy posting on social media until we reached the walkway. We took a few pictures, walked towards the falls, went to the gift shop and that before getting near the falls ledge. The mist was intense and we were bundling up, it was almost like rain when you get too close. A few pictures in, we decided to turn around and head towards the $30 boat ride into the falls. We walked along the exceptionally touristy walkway. Purchased our tickets and walked down. We got out of the elevator and approached a tent that took our picture in front of a green screen. No prompt, no instruction, just “hey you’re doing this now”. Taken aback, we walked out through the food court to the boat line, picked up a poncho, got it on and eventually loaded the boat. We ran for the top to the front side. We passed by the American falls that were much smaller but loaded with rocks and even a big walkway you could explore. We got pretty close and headed straight for the main falls. Huge white water dust was flying everywhere. Incredible. We were drenched and then more drenched. Everyone on the boat was laughing and screaming, it was pretty intense and chaotic. I haphazardly took some pictures, but I wish I got more. I got a few pictures close to the falls. It was amazing but so short. Really amazing, though I’m not sure I would pay that again to come back, I’d rather go to Disneyland. After disembarking at the port, we rushed out of the crowd and out to the street. We found out there was a Rainforest Cafe nearby so we decided to go there for lunch for kicks. Heading that direction, we weren’t expecting to be smacked in the face with a bizarre mini Las Vegas/theme park street. Trying to digest this, Victoria waved us towards the Rainforest Cafe. I figured this would be the one and only time so why not. Let’s do it. The food was terribly overpriced and kind of cold really, but we made the most of it and sat through two “thunderstorms”. WOW. Alea and I split a subpar veggie burger. It was cool to experience the novelty one last time. We walked out, past the arcade and into the street. Up the strange road of novelty. Niagara Falls is so weird and kind of depressing. Kind of American. Lots of that influence. We peeked in a few shops. It was mostly jarring, seeing haunted houses and wax museums everywhere, but I was trying to make the most of it. Patrick was disappointed that the WWE shop no longer existed. We walked to the top of the hill and back to the car, following the tower back. We sat in the car for a sec and indulged in the fudge that we bought at the gift shop in Niagara. On the way back, Alea had arranged to pick up some soap from a soapmaker in Burlington, and was ecstatic when they drove up to the place and picked up some soap cupcakes. I fell asleep for quite a while. We got back as it was getting late. I lay down for a few because I was so dang tired and my body was sore. In my daze, I said yes to Victoria offering me tea. She brought it down. It was far better than Red Rose and really any tea that I’d made before. There goes our potential Red Rose sponsorship. She went back upstairs, Patrick and I were the only ones downstairs lying down. Alea and Victoria were upstairs talking with Jim and Susanne, his daughter that visited for the day. They had gone for a Mediterranean buffet dinner and she brought by some organic carrots from her farm. They were different colours, and tiny. She was nice. I shared the can of beans and toast Alea was eating for dinner. Was all we really had for dinner. Chatted a tad bit with them all about random things, motorhomes and rich people, cabins. Eventually, Patrick came up and we talked a bit before going downstairs again. Alea and I hung out in the room for a bit. We all ended up sitting around on the couches on our devices. I decided to order my ticket for Evelyn Glennie in the fall. It took a bit of time deciding on the day to go and where to sit. The others also took their time trying to decide if they want to go or not. No one decided to go right away but to sit on it. We talked about it a bit and listened to some YouTube videos of hers. I talked excitedly about her for a few. Decided on cheap orchestra level seating. Row 3, centre. Won’t be a great seat but it will be interesting and I’m tall enough I suppose. After figuring that out, it got late and we decided to go to bed.