What a bizarre day. I woke up along with Alea to the sound of someone cleaning up the washroom. Victoria and Patrick had been up and I think it has to do in part with the sunlight coming in through their windows. Victoria just told us that Jim was bustling away with breakfast. We got up. I was the last one up. We ate and I listened to Jim talk a lot about his work with refugees. He told some interesting stories about how long he had been working and his travels all over the world. Working in different places, working without a visa when you didn’t need one in the Commonwealth. Victoria told of her dreaded experience getting her work permits when she moved to Canada. We moved on a bit to politics. Jim spoke of a missile that North Korea sent over Japan as a routine retaliation of sorts. He talked about his political views. After breakfast, we went downstairs and I worked on transferring all of the recordings and media from the trip thus far from my phone to the tablet. Still didn’t finish the photos, resuming that now. I watched a few YouTube videos meanwhile. Alea and I worked on our post-tour travel plans in Europe. They booked a train, I sent a message to my relative in Frankfurt and looked into Airbnb in Krakow, after some discussion we decided to go from Krakow to Wroclaw in the same day. Patrick came in and said he was going to find food. Alea said she might in a bit but not now. He left. After a little while, I got up and went to the store with Alea. They drove and we parked in the underground of whole foods. After sorting out food, we found out some not so great news about our Medicine Hat show and added it to our list of “things going sideways on tour”. Alea messaged Tyler, the guy we met at our Saskatoon show that plays drums in J Blissette, for some help. Hopefully that isn’t too hard to sort out. Soon enough, we had to start to pack and leave, so we got on it no problem and split. Alea drove. We got to the venue fifteen minutes early. No one was upstairs so we had someone from the bar help unlock it. They had no PA. That was some ordeal to solve, especially after what had happened so far on the tour. We even talked about cancelling the show and just leaving because we wouldn’t have any sound. I spoke with the people downstairs and they told me the same things that I already knew. The venue doesn’t supply sound or sound-people. I asked if the staff were on their way, in case we could just leave and not play. The bartender was already there though. I decided to wait for JONCRO. I felt as though Daniel would have a solution. He arrived soon after. He made a bunch of phone calls after I told him what was up and in the end it came down to either paying a sound-guy he knew $50 or getting their bassist Nick to run out and pick up a mic and an amp to plug into for at least vocal amplification. We pushed the show back a little and we had set up the stage soon after Daniel arrived. I met the bar staff and the incredibly respectful bouncer who was diligent about people paying, had a great vibe about him. People were arriving luckily. Before we knew it, the room was reasonably full – thank goodness. There was a buzz and eventually JONCRO began their set. All very good people and good, entertaining musicians. The drummer was wild. Very much in the style of Keith Moon, but a little different. He talked to me about his massive Premier kit after the set as I set up. We began setting up and readying the microphone volumes and all that. The set was going to be fine, we knew how to work with our dynamic and volume. I actually felt decent about our set despite our scenario. I think we made the best of our situation. Victoria bought some fries after our set and Patrick bought a deep fried slab of mozzarella cheese. She brought them over to our table eventually, during HD Stardom. I spoke to the owner after our set as he’d just arrived near the end. Thanked him for having us. He mentioned that his daughter wanted to come and see us which makes me wish that we had a better set up and longer set. It is what it is though. I spoke to Ethan of HD Stardom before the show too, we talked about the Vancouver music scene and how it functioned. He recommended The Bovine. He was very patient and easy to talk to, professional. He really tore through his guitar during the set. He had all the front person moves and more. After everything, I started to pack up and settle. The bands graciously donated most of the earnings to us. I insisted giving them more, but they insisted right back at me. I thanked them profusely and said my goodbyes. Alea drove back and we loaded in to the house. I laid in bed and did a few things on my phone before cleaning up and falling asleep.