We woke up for the last time in our Toronto Base, until next week when we stay for one night on our way back west. Alea and I actually woke up first. They got in the shower before me. When I got out of the shower and upstairs, everyone was already there though. Jim pumped out all the food for this breakfast. Eggs, bread, bagels, juice, coffee, tea, sausages, turkey and regular bacon. I ate my fill but toned it down a bit, unlike other mornings. We talked very little from what I remember. After breakfast, we went downstairs and settled before packing. I watched a podcast while I did some sort of social media, finished transferring some files to my Google Drive after several days of attempts. I have to keep a better watch on it with this many photos coming through. I took my time on my devices, as everyone did. Alea was in the other room doing their own thing. I packed up when the time came. All of my stuff, from my clothes to the leftover spaghetti was ready to go. Anyway, we packed the van, took our pictures, said our goodbyes and drove off. It had been nice having a place to be settled for the past 5 days. Alea drove. Not much happened on the way to Peterborough. The drives are relatively quiet now. I wrote a journal on the way and talked with Alea a bit. We pulled into Peterborough and quickly arrived at the Motel 6 to unload our personals. I thought we would stay there for a bit but it was already 5:30PM or so. We headed right out to find food, even after having just had some spaghetti in the van. We pulled up to the venue and I checked if it was okay for us to park and load in, they were cool with it. So we filled the small stage in the quaint pub. Feeling alright about leaving it there, I got outside and everyone had already left for food. I called and Alea stopped to wait for me. We all met up naturally and went to a few places to look at prices and options. One tasty looking place was super expensive. So many places in Ontario, so far, close early. We checked out a few places and Patrick and I ended up going to a burger joint. It was affordable and weird. A lot of characters there. I got a chicken sub and onion rings, was in my glory with those onion rings. Worked on my feelings about the place the longer we were there. I wanted to feel comfortable. The woman at the counter was honest and told us about the other restaurants in the area in case we wanted something else. She reminded me of that video of the guy making quick nachos and spaghetti in the microwave. Completely. My feelings jumbled more. Patrick and I called the others beforehand in case they’d wanted to save some money, but they found a place. Oh well. I had looked at my credit cards on the drive so I wanted to keep my cost down. Afterwards, we met up with the others and headed to the venue. I took a picture and made a social media post immediately. We began setting up the stage. I kept my dynamic low for the night. The other bands arrived slowly and we talked a bit. I talked with Whitney (Papershakers) and Mary-Kate about bill order. We went in the middle. Everyone was nice. Mary-Kate went first. We soon found out that bands do door. Mary-Kate reminded us a lot of Alexandria Maillot with her personality, voice and style. Alea and I did door until our set. We took the stage, I handed the door over to Whitney in Paper Shakers. We figured ourselves out, I went to the bathroom for a second. I settled after putting my iPod in the merch box at the front of the stage to record our set. The sound from the stage that I heard mostly bounced off the back of the room it seemed because Alea came up to me during the set and asked if I was okay. I felt fine, I know I was swinging and putting triplets where they don’t belong but I was doing my best to hear. I guess I was a tad off. Unusual for anyone to ask me that though. We got through the set, people seemed to be jazzed about our set; felt good. I finally had a mic on stage. I went back to the door and figured out the payment, watched Papershakers, they were fun and enjoying themselves. I had been taking pictures and posting them on socials all night as usual. It was interesting and refreshing, I think, to have both bands genres on a bill. We had been playing with louder bands so far. Alea settled with everyone and we loaded out. I surprised the people in Papershakers when I started taking apart my nesting kit, and the lead singer asked if I had gone to school for drums. He said that he was a drummer too. I tried not to sound arrogant in telling him about my drum history, probably didn’t need to tell him so much and probably did come off as arrogant. Everyone loaded out the venue super quickly. We packed up and loaded out a few later. I checked the venue, thanked the bar and we drove off to our motel, loaded in with the luggage cart and vegged out. I took some videos and did socials and stuff until 1AM. Patrick talked to his roommate back home about how things were going on the road and in Vancouver. We sat around for a while. I stayed up until 2 doing some band stuff I’d been meaning to do.