I woke up a little groggy. Despite sleeping in a comfy motel bed, my sleeps on tour, even the ones on my own mattress at home, have had me waking up on and off throughout the night. I’m not getting terrible sleep but it’s not complete rest. Oh well. I fall asleep between two and three in the morning on most days. Working on journals, socials, what-have-you. I tried to do some socials this morning while I charged my phone on the floor and everyone packed up. I was trying to post a “thank you, Peterborough” post with a video from the other night to no avail. I managed to queue it up and post it on everything but Facebook when we arrived at my aunt’s in Ottawa. Everyone bustled around, I got ready and went on my phone again while the others loaded up the hotel cart and took stuff out to the van. I felt uncomfortable not contributing and them potentially thinking I’m being inconsiderate. I’ve just been trying my best to keep on top of our social media, and I never have enough time. Only half the work that’s necessary is getting done on it, really. Eventually, we had everything outside and I helped load the van. I did a triple check of the room and grabbed the complimentary soaps that were used because I knew they would be thrown out otherwise. Victoria took the drive. We stopped at Superstore and Tim Hortons for food and snacks before leaving Peterborough. The town is kind of cute. I think I like it. Victoria bought a bag full of stuff, Alea didn’t buy much and neither did Patrick. I just bought a big case of strawberries and ate a lot of them. I couldn’t help it. I looked at bread, pastries, other fruit, the chips and everything just turned me away. I didn’t want to cart around a bunch more food, especially if it had to be taken care of. There are plenty of grocery stores in this country, we’ll hit another one when we need it. And my body just didn’t want chips. Victoria drove the whole way to Ottawa. We unloaded the van out front and my lovely aunt greeted us. My parents were also in town, coincidentally – they had gone out for brunch and my aunt was going to drive my mom to the war museum to see my dad shortly. We were hoping to go because museums here are free on Thursday between certain times, but we didn’t end up having time. We arrived at her place around five in the evening and load in started at five. We loaded upstairs, auntie was making us vegetarian lasagna and bread with caprese salad. Was absolutely delicious. I hugged my mom, she gave me the camera that our friend leant us to cover for our broken one. Her and my aunt talked a bit. My aunt to Alea and Vic, my mom to Pat and I. My mom told me that she accidentally used spackell in the laundry because she thought it was the laundry soap that Alea made for me. That was pretty funny. Luckily, she caught herself before the clothes were put in. My aunt figured out her evening plan with my mom and left us with the food. I worked on the Facebook post to no avail again and decided it would be easiest to just make a post at the venue. We ate generously, it was so good. Did the dishes a bit and locked up before heading out. It was around six, we had a ten minute drive and we were still the first ones there. The other bands arrived very shortly after. The Haig was the first band we talked to. Was so nice to see them, it’s been 2 years since we played with them last. They were so friendly, Richard gave us the patches we ordered from him and he spent so much money on our band merch. Walking into the venue was a trip. A lot fuller than I imagined, it was lined with kids and their parents. Tons of arcade machines. Was nice to see to be honest. Talking in passing with Richard and Dean, we just sat around. Patrick spent around twenty bucks on arcade games and an hour or so in, the sound tech arrived. This place was known for their perogies and every time an order was ready, they had a monster voice announce the person’s name and tell them that they were ready. The perogies looked really good. Very sad that we missed the opportunity to indulge in them, by the time we ordered later that night the kitchen had closed. After the sound tech arrived, in a shirt that said Wizard on the back I might add, he got cracking on setting up. I got the drum kit set up, decided I could make due with the house kit, even if it was bigger than usual. Richard came up to us while Patrick was playing one of his many games and talked lineup, we landed on going third for the sake of us being the touring band. I also figured out hospitality. After “family time” ended (as it was an arcade), the doors opened for the show and they started taking cover. The room filled very quickly, they weren’t kidding. It was a Thursday and people were ready to go for a late night. Really crazy how that worked out. All of the bands had a strong turnout which was so great! Doesn’t quite happen like that in Vancouver, unfortunately, but it did help that it was No Mistakes In Space’s release show. Sparklesaurus was also so damn good, I was worried about the hype that people gave them but they kill with bubbly synths and psychedelic vibes all across the board. The Haig sounded great too, really refreshing. My relatives showed up almost all at once and the noisey-trying-to-communicate fest began. I got my dad a beer. My mom checked out The Haig and said she liked them. We were up. I rushed to get ready, I had a bit of trouble during the set and my hi-hat clutch unwound for some reason during IOEO but I made due. Overall, I felt very energetic and fulfilled. We played super tight and I’m getting used to playing with earplugs which is so great. At the end of the set I was left sweating like never before. Literally dripping from my forehead onto the drums and pedal and snare and everything. I didn’t really care though. I really let it all go. Great release for us, this show to a packed crowd. I had a mic too, which was great and Patrick thanked Victoria onstage for her work and taking the step with us on this big tour. Felt amazing and expressive about our set. A lot of people came up to me afterward and said how much they enjoyed it and the energy. I had a bit to drink after our set and got only slightly drunk. Went around to all the bands and said thank you and compliments times a million. The lead singer of NMIS was tearing up with the vibes of the show. I spoke to the owner finally. Very sweet and kind. He was blown away by the success of the show, said anytime we’re in Ottawa, consider HoT our home base. This show will be a lot to live up to. Hoping we can make a good impact next time too. I went around and thanked all of the staff as well. They were super honest and diligent with people paying cover. Alea and I decided on the split which was maybe the best we’ve made at a show we’ve put on, ever. Dean (The Haig) put $20 in our gas tank without taking no for an answer.   We went back to the house and did our best to keep quiet loading in, and spirits were high.