I woke up a few times, but finally got out of bed when it seemed everyone was up. Before I got in the shower, my aunt had arrived and checked how everyone was doing. It was around eleven in the morning. She hopped right on breakfast for us. I got in the shower after some sips of coffee and got out in time for an especially delicious breakfast. Eggs with fancy bacon and green onions, marble rye with proper peanut butter and jam, watermelon. It was lovely. We chatted a bit about Europe traveling, connecting with family, Oma, languages, our relatives. It was an eventful morning and I really wish that I could’ve spent the day with her. There’s so much to talk about. I care deeply about her. She brought up me staying with her for a few weeks sometime down the road. That would be cool. I worked on the Kelowna poster for our last show of the tour, having just locked down a support act finally. Soon after we packed up and figured out our plan before loading the van, sorting our snacks on the sidewalk, grabbing the food my auntie gave us, taking pictures and saying goodbye. The drive was long and I just worked on a journal from what I remember. Nothing too interesting. We pulled into Rigaud, I think, it was a small cute French town with cheap gas. Victoria and Patrick remarked that the gas station had the cleanest bathroom. Alea said the people at the cash tried to include Alea in the laughs they were having by looking back when one of them made a joke, but Alea didn’t understand because it was all French. When we got into Monteral, we decided to go to my cousin’s flat and wait for her to arrive from her work. We got there at five, thirty minutes later than planned. It was a cute block, much less central, cleaner and wider roads. She said hi from her balcony and came downstairs, opening the doors so that we could load in our personals. We stopped in a no permit parking zone, like most of the city, and checked out her place. It was massive and beautiful, all for just $900 a month total. Unbelievable. Soon after that, were enroute to Barfly to drop our gear, and then La Banquise for dinner. We loaded in to the small room that I really thought was going to be larger. There was a young woman keeping to herself at the bar and a dog in the middle of the room. We had to stop on the street corner because there was nowhere to park so we loaded in on the busy street and got going. Was getting hungry. Found parking near the restaurant and lined up. It was busy as usual. We were seated shortly and looking at the menu. I ordered a big one with a lot of peppercorn-themed ingredients. We couldn’t talk too much over the noise so it was kind of awkward and uncomfortable. The playlist was good at least. We finished up and headed out. Got to the venue and sorted it out while Alea and Victoria found parking. Soon after Totem Tabou showed up and introduced themselves. They were on and off speaking french to one another. I set up my kit on the small stage and we got going with everything else. Patrick had to do sound much to his dismay. I immediately became nervous and spent an hour on my rack tom tuning because it was making a warbling overtone. Everyone was a tiny bit bothered because I had to keep hitting it to test it, but I just needed to try. I was freaking out and I didn’t really stop until we started playing. I talked with my cousin and her friend before our set. Our set went alright to be honest except for a few sections that I couldn’t hear anything except noise and didn’t play properly, or dropped out too early. Some people were into it enough to feel alright. A couple guys from Vancouver that bowed and yelled. They said they would come to the show tomorrow too. We made like $25 on a full room of people that night because no one really paid. We all loaded out and hung out outside for a bit following the show, bars out here stay open until 3AM. Late night city. Long story short, we drove home around 12:30AM. We loaded our gear into my cousin’s room very quietly, so as not to awaken the neighbourhood, and Alea and Victoria went to park the van. We quickly went to bed.