I had a bit of sleep, at least enough to feel rested. Everyone got out of bed before me and called the shower. I kept waking up in the middle of the night because it became increasingly cold, like camping. I’d had to put on my hoodie and socks. I showered last. Did some stuff on our phones and had a nibble. My cousin and I snacked on some poutine. Our plan was to head to this big market in the city before our show that night. We headed out around 1PM. Walk was about 20 minutes to the market. We all kept pretty well together, checked out one little boutique shop and went straight to the market. At first glance it seemed like the Ottawa market but inside, it was much larger and full of fresh, extremely affordable produce. I couldn’t believe it. My cousin and Victoria went off to do their own thing and get coffee. After walking through a bakery and fromagarie and a few more shops, I eventually lost track of Patrick, can’t remember how. It was okay though, we all wanted to see different things. After a while, we decided to meet up at a crepe place. I watched them make crepes and decided it wasn’t what I wanted. I went off alone. I think that the space was good. No matter how much you like your friends, spending all of your time for weeks on end exclusively with them can be a lot. I wandered around the market aimlessly for a while not knowing what to do or what I wanted. After Googling and wandering, I decided to go to a sandwich shop outside the market and on the way there passed by a bakery/deli I thought I would take a chance with. I saw a giant pizza, a 1/4 was eight bucks. Bought that, even though it was meat and cheese heavy. Patrick had gone to get poutine as a challenge to eat poutine everyday in Montreal. We reconvened, led by an excited Alea to a soap shop. Turned out to be a soap supply store, which delighted Alea, but they didn’t buy anything as we all know there isn’t enough space in the van for anything besides the gear and essentials. Kira bought a bag of Turkish Delight, shared with us and split for work. I think we headed back to hers from there to chill before the show. I stopped at Provigo after we confusingly split up and picked up Coaticook ice cream. I also bought some nougat at the market, I forgot. We eventually packed for the show, don’t remember what happened in between. I only remember eating a lot of ice cream. Drove down there. It was a thirty minute drive. We passed by these monster castles that were apparently homes. Enormous and gorgeous. Much nicer than BC. We pulled down to a street with shops and parked near the venue address. Looked around, Alea mistook one place for the venue before finding it. It was a random door that led to stairs. We began loading in. Thank God we didn’t have a kit or bass amp because there was a stairway up, several hallways, a stairway down and a few corners before we reached a decent size room with a stage and lights and sound system. It was a proper venue, not just a place with a kit and a PA. Talked to Austin, the guy who helped us with the show and he said that the people upstairs are cool with it. There’s even an internationally renowned rapper and crew upstairs. We loaded everything in and set up a bit, sound-checked and met Molly Drag briefly before we left to get food. Alea was having trouble with their in-ears but we decided to figure it out afterwards. They didn’t end up working for the actual set though. We went upstairs and out of the venue, wandered a bit. Like most things in this city, everything closes before you even get outside. Everyone went to a sushi shop and I ate my poutine from the other day. We walked back and sat down to eat, I drank the grape soda that I had brought from home. The venue had some people in it. A guy even showed up at doors, bought our CD and left. He was apparently the guy in Mississauga that was going to do sound for us for $50. The washroom here had silver lining all over the walls like a spaceship. Molly Drag was nice and the people were kind. The music they played was kinda of sad lo-fi. As the night progressed, more people showed up and when we were on, we had a healthy crowd. We played alright, I didn’t have a monitor, as per usual. The set was a bit stressful. The ride kept tilting down, the hi-hat kept dropping and it was super stiff. For the first time on tour, I could really feel my hands giving way as I played. I messed up fills and played sloppily but made it through and people seemed to like it. After the set, a young women came up to me and began to flirt with me? That hadn’t happened to me before, so naturally I didn’t know what to do at all. I spoke to a few more people that were stoked. I met Alex of Poshlost, who was there to study his master’s in music, he moved there super recently. Just didn’t anticipate meeting so many Vancouver locals. People were sweet. Soon enough, we loaded out and headed back, Alea drove. We loaded into my cousin’s apartment and left everything near a closet door. I talked to my cousin about the show a bit when she got up. We talked a bit and finished getting ready for bed.