I very much feel like I want to be home. We started the day with lounging until around 12-1PM or so. Victoria had already left to shop around and do what she wanted while Patrick did the same shortly after. Alea and I left together. It was pouring rain, so we hurried to the train station. We took the Metro to Laurier and walked to get a bagel at Fairmount. Should have bought more. Alea bought a garlic bagel, I got an everything bagel. They liked mine more. We walked from Fairmount all the way down St Laurent and caught a bus to Eva B. Transit vehicles are very similar here. The train stations in each place are interesting and unique though. One way train here was $3.25. We walked to Eva B, it had changed and cleaned up a lot since our last trip. Not as much appealing clothing, unfortunately. We ate some of the complimentary shopping popcorn and I took my time wandering. We walked from there into old Montreal, saw the Montreal Notre Dame and wandered the Europeanesque streets. They were interesting and narrow. Saw a few little shops, walked through a boutique store and an art gallery. The gallery housed a big holographic nude portrait, a few Mickey Mouse sculptures with butts for faces, a feather made of solder and a life-size boy carved out of wood with leaves over his ears. Everything was $12,000 and up. My first look at actual art pricing. We wandered a bit more until we reached a gas town-esque area and we began to head up St. Laurent towards Aux Vivres and the others. We all decided to meet there for dinner. Victoria and Patrick had kept in touch during our outing. Patrick, in the end waited for us at Aux Vivres and Victoria hit up a drop in yoga class to kill time before we got there. We hit a few stores along the way looking for Alea’s tea and some cheap beer that I eventually bought at a Provigo after dinner. We all met for dinner and ordered before Victoria got there. I had a wrap, but it wasn’t as good as last time. We ubered back to the house because it was like seven minutes drive from the Provigo nearby. I proposed a movie and Patrick and Alea were down. We watched The Cat Returns. We took it easy afterwards and soon went to sleep.