It is 1:24AM. Alea is driving us to Nate’s house. We’re five minutes away. Today was strange. Victoria is feeling the cold that Alea has and no one really had a great sleep last night. I can certainly say that today felt long for me. I’m also a tad drunk after all of the drink tickets we got at The Nite Owl, despite that I surprisingly broke down my kit in no time. Or maybe it felt like no time. We sold a lot of merch tonight and people were pretty stoked, even if we only sold about 30 tickets. I felt weird at the show for some reason. It went alright, just felt weird. I woke up at 9AM or so after having woken up every few hours throughout the night. I did some band work right away. Promo for the events and made a Spotify playlist of the bands we’re playing with. Patrick and I hung out downstairs for about an hour before I headed upstairs to clean up and eat. Everyone else got up around noon which was incredibly unusual to me. I felt odd being the first one up. Never happens.

Once everyone was up, we thought about all of the things that we could do around town, but decided to stay in in the end. We hung out in the living room playing games on the tablet as Victoria worked on her laptop. It was a bonding experience? We decided to run a few errands at 5PM before the show. Went to Walmart for yet more snacks and to look for a merch light to no avail. Went for dinner at an okay Thai place in the city where we could watch our van from our seats before heading to the show. The guy that helped us get in (bartender) said people had been talking about us a lot leading up to the show, that was really sweet to hear. It was interesting being back to the first Calgary venue we’d ever played two years later. What a great space. My new kit sounded excellent in the room and there was plenty of space for sound to travel. The soundperson (Connor) was kind and easy to work with. The bands loaded in soon enough and we met. All fantastic people, all fantastic musicians, we were so happy with the lineup. Some of our Calgary pals made it out and we were so happy to see them. They are some of the funnest, most exciting people to spend time with. Andrew’s Pale Horses and Timeboy killed their sets. Both diverse and unique sounds. Full of unconventional chord changes and exciting tones. It was strange not playing with bands we knew in Calgary, but they were so great that we were glad we branched out. I have to give Alea and Victoria props for making it through the set with a cold. Really toughed out our first show on the road. Hoping they heal super quickly. I always wish we could hang out for a while after our shows, but we have to get rest for the next day. Gotta start planning dinners with the bands before the show – haha. I’m glad we made some new interesting friends at this show. It’s a shame the night ended with an unwarranted parking ticket but I guess we’ll have to figure that out tomorrow.