It is 1:59AM. We arrived at our friend’s place about an hour and a half ago. It was about a 12 hour drive with all the stops we made. We were supposed to play Vernon tonight, that fell through for a million reasons which is sad but out of our control. Oh well. We are in Calgary now and it was an easy first day, for the most part… probably in part to do with the fact that we had a day off of work beforehand. When everyone arrived at my house, the van was packed like no one’s business, we took everything out. I looked at it all to think about how it would all fit and we began reorganizing. Everything JUST fit in. We’ll be getting rid of a lot of the snacks along the way and that will clear plenty of space. We will also sell lots of merch, I’m sure, and that will relieve some of the load, but woah. I had a special RAYA nesting kit made just for touring and boy did that save us a lot of space, however, even with our minimal gear setup, the van still seems very full. Alea and Victoria took over the first two long shifts of driving today and we listened to a few records and podcasts to warm up to the road. This was our longest drive of the trip, thank goodness. We hit a lot of construction along the way. There were several wildfire’s and smoky sections we just motored through as well.

It feels unusual being on the road again. I don’t know if it hasn’t hit me yet or if I’m just used to it with all of the shows and out of town dates we’ve done. I’m just able to manage the promotion and emails and there’s no pressure leading up to the shows really, even if we don’t have a place to stay in some cities yet. I have had this strange comfortable mindset for a while. My life is going through a lot of change right now though and that may play a part. Having left my busy job and booked this tour with Alea, designed the posters for the third time? and… Well, I don’t know. I am just not all that concerned, like I’ve been in the past. It’s also the first day, so we’ll see how I feel in another week. We already made our first unhealthy food stop at McDonald’s because it was 67 cent hamburger day. We just couldn’t pass it up. They had this great coloring page they were handing out too, but they only had red crayons. So that was good. We definitely need to watch what we eat, I made a mistake on the last big tour and it costed me big time. I learned your diet doesn’t just affect your stomach, it hugely affects your mood. If we drive by a soft serve place though, I might have to splurge. I know we can do this and make whatever comes our way work. Here’s to another 29 days.