We took today even slower, we were pretty much alone in the apartment. The roommate was at work all day, and my cousin had been out camping with her parents for the night. Victoria left before everyone so that she could see as much as possible. She had a plan to go down to Old Montreal, Eva B, and Schwartz Deli at least. Patrick did some stuff on his computer. Alea and I booked our last few accommodations and travels for Europe. After we booked all the travel and most of the accommodations, it was already around 2PM, and it was Labour Day so stores were probably all closed and this was our last chance to adventure. Alea and I decided to head out, at least for a bit. We met Patrick along the way to give him the key because he was going back to the place. He had another poutine. We headed for some thrift shops, but they were all closed when we got there. We walked up the road towards St. Laurent. Both very loopy and being loudly silly, Alea and I set sights for Fairmount Bagels again, the only thing open. We walked through very different districts and factory buildings and old large loft like apartment buildings, like ancient warehouses. We were so out of it and tired by that point, our bodies were dead tired from lack of proper sleep and having walked around all day the previous day. We took a few sits before making it to Fairmount. There wasn’t much of a line this time around, but the store was full of packaged sesame bagels stacked from floor to ceiling. We took a few minutes to decide on what we were getting. I tossed and turned between getting a bunch of bagels and just sharing six with Alea. In the end, Alea bought six everything bagels and I bought one fresh, doughy sesame bagel. We were so hungry having not eaten all that much and realized our legs were tired. We passed by a very popular ice cream place on the way as well, was tempting but I had all that ice cream back at the house. We ended up just walking back to the house because nothing was open. Victoria tried to meet with us along the way but she ended up at the house first because along the way, we stumbled into an open clothing store that my cousin’s roommate was working at. Making it back to the house was a relief. I started to prepare a mediocre spaghetti & salad dinner. There was so much spaghetti. Lenny (cousin’s roommate) had some, everyone had some. We ate a lot of the spaghetti and sat around. I pitched Castle In The Sky to veg out, we never ended up watching it because we were too busy with something, one being Europe plans. I can’t remember what else happened that night but I remember eating the rest of the ice cream bucket, drinking two beers and my cousin coming home and asking about our days off. Last time we had toured in Montreal, Kira (my cousin) had taken portraits of us on an ancient camera, and she gave us the big prints of each of us from that shoot to take home with us. It felt like we had come full circle, in some ways.