We woke up 10AM. I woke up early to help Alea move the car because Montreal parking is just a mess and has different policies on almost every day. I was actually able to shower after Alea and before everyone else. We spent our time packing, cleaning and milling about. I feel like the old, slanted hardwood in the apartment was tiring to walk on and the bad weather and air quality have been contributing to this particular exhaustion. Usually, I’m the only one that takes a long time. After a little while, we began loading out. Alea pulled the van up to the apartment door. I had sweeped the washroom and kitchen, wiped down the counter and stove a bit, double-checked everything in the house to ensure nothing was left behind. Washed the dishes that we made, locked the door. I walked down to the van that we all loaded and asked a man across the street to take a picture of us on my phone and disposable camera. We drove off and out of Montreal. I think that Alea drove first and I drove second and the longest. Not much happened along the way. We pulled into the venue, decided where to park based on the signage and talked about food. The venue restaurant had a half pitcher of beer, made for a giant. We just got food. Veggie burgers, and I got a Thai curry dish. It was reaching load in time, so we decided to just bring our stuff upstairs. After loading in, I went to the washroom and there was no toilet paper so I went to get some from the women’s. I forgot to bring it up to the staff all night… I set up my kit and met our sound tech, who was awesome. He was nice and easy to work with, but he did the one thing that happens all too often to me and didn’t turn on all the instruments in my monitor. I had a little of Alea’s guitar and a lot of bass. Our accommodation host showed up early and greeted us by asking Victoria after our sound check where she was sleeping tonight, which was especially jarring for her because she didn’t know who he was. I was like wtf. Then he said our place and hugged each of us. Super personable, sweet person but that was initially disorienting. The place was filling up a lot, especially for a Tuesday. I threw my iPod on over the system for house music and played some We Are The City and Bombay Bicycle Club. I spoke with our accommodation hosts a lot before the show and they spoke of their jobs. They were kind and generous. I appreciated how level they seemed. We played alright, I tripped up a bit. I told the story about our last Kingston show and how Aaron Carter played before us, they seemed to enjoy that. We had a big crowd, it was great. We tore through the set and people dug it. When we reached the merch table, we realized that they dug it even more than we thought. We sold a lot, signed a bit and they were really stoked. One women was hyped on it, had us sign a CD and went back to her table and said, “DOUSE SIGNED MY CD” and it was hilarious and wonderful how excited she was. When Needless Love Endorsement took the stage, everyone stood up and crowded the stage. They had a big following in Kingston and hadn’t played in awhile, so that was good for us and them. We were into our drink tickets by then. Everyone had a NLE shirt on. NLE played well. People were tossing about balloons with lights in them. Alea settled with the venue and after the show we broke down the gear and loaded out. Thanked the bands for playing and drove off. When we got to our accommodation, a 45 minute drive from the venue, we loaded some gear into their heated garage, one of the hosts showed us around his luxurious, incredible home. The beds that we got were in one room, save for Victoria’s. Ours were downstairs and equipped with towels. He told us about how they do house shows in that very room. He left us to bed. We took a few to prepare for bed. Probably the best sleep of the trip. Wish it had been longer.