I woke up rested, but wanting more rest. I went up to greet Bruce and Sharon, only to see their breathtaking view of a picturesque backyard. It was lush and open, with a big pond in their backyard and the lake further out. Someone else hopped in the shower, I followed third to shower. We walked into the kitchen as breakfast was almost ready, it was quite a feast. Sharon spoke of her career in teaching, Bruce spoke of the cancer that he fought for two years. He talked about Oshawa, moving to the house they live in now and the wildlife. They bought the property for only 295K. We finished up and moved to the “jazz lounge”, as Bruce called it. I talked about the idea of going to a drum circle in Vancouver, and how it would push me to perform and be comfortable and be better. Bruce spoke about traveling to Cuba and seeing how they live, and the culture and music. I was inspired by the thought and I felt an urge to work and practice my instrument. I need that impulse. I know that I couldn’t practice right now but I hoped that it would stick. Bruce took us for a tour of their backyard; we saw the frogs in their pond, and walked the trail that felt like a jungle that led to the large, beautiful lake. It was lined with trees, and since it was getting close to autumn the trees were various shades of red and orange and green, it was so picturesque and I wanted to stay there all day. They showed us their garden patch, and encouraged Victoria to pull out some carrots. They told of bears and deer and ice skating on the pond in the winter. We walked around the neighbourhood after that, a place much like where Alea’s Grandma lives but more suburban and less forested. Huge properties. We reached the house again and realized that we needed to head out already. We packed up, said our goodbyes and thank yous, loaded the van and I drove us all the way to Oshawa. Wasn’t actually that bad. I excitedly threw on The Lord Of The Rings audiobook, much to everyone else’s displeasure. It kept me going. We arrived, decided on Thai food yet again and loaded in before getting food. The stage was big with a massive mirror in the back. The barkeep was easy going too. The other bands were hanging out outside. I finished setting up the kit and figured out door. The sound guys were fun, one was an 80’s rocker, almost looked like Gene Simmons’ nicer brother, the other guy kind of like Eddie Izzard. They fawned over the twin JC40’s because apparently those are impossible to find on the east coast which would explain people not wanting to use them at some shows because they didn’t know what they were. I worked the door and let the bands handle themselves. Overall, six people paid. A guy walked in, walked past me and I tried to follow up with him but he just said that he worked here. When he came back around, he tried to be more friendly, but instead told me how to run my business. He ordered Patrick and I drinks. He asked how much cover was and pulled out a wad of cash, almost put $10 and put $5 instead like he was doing me a favour. Another bigger guy walked past me, cutting me off as I tried to tell him about cover. He warned the bartender that if I touched him, he would kill me. I fired back then I told him that we were from Vancouver and cover was $5. He laughed at it and said he wasn’t paying. The bartender told me I better leave him be. Two middle-aged women also came in showing me that there was an advertised jam night and they came from Toronto. I just told them that there was a show and they stuck around. I asked Patrick to get another person to watch door during our set. Someone from Laughed The Boy. He was nice, there were all nice and played well and had great songs. I didn’t have a monitor. I did my best but fumbled a bit in some songs. The handful of people that were there seemed to really be into it though. One of the two women that came in earlier bought a CD and had us sign it. We packed up ASAP. The sound guys were surprised the show was so short despite us having 3 bands on the bill, and they started setting up to fill the rest of the night for us. They were super apologetic that they couldn’t get Alea’s voice to cut through much, they felt so bad about it that they gave Alea a wrap for their in-ear monitor cable. They were happy that I had actual dynamics, and said they’re used to bands just coming in and screaming into the mics and playing as hard as they could. It was apparently fun for them to mix us which was really nice to hear. They were sweet. One of them said that they only found out there was a show moments before they arrived. They played at the end of the night after we loaded out. The women said we should stick around to see them but we couldn’t, we had to get to our accommodation in Toronto. I thanked everyone profusely, except the asshole that threatened me at the bar. We drove off and we talked about everything when we were in the van. Soon enough we found ourselves at Jim and Alice’s again. They had the breakfast table set already, which made my heart melt. They’ve been so generous to us. We loaded in as quickly and quietly as possible and found our beds again. I went on my phone for a bit and feel asleep.