We woke up around 7:30AM because we had an eight hour drive ahead of us, and a 6PM load-in. I cleanly packed a few things away and brought my devices and chargers out to charge with the little time that I had.  We chatted with Jim over breakfast, and everyone was in good spirits despite the early rise this morning. We were quickly approaching 9AM, our deadline for leaving Toronto, so we grabbed our things from downstairs and groggily loaded out. Said our last goodbyes to Jim and Alice and said how much we appreciated everything they did for us. Victoria took the first drive with Patrick in the front navigating. Over the next few hours, I worked on my journals and slept. I woke up to us arriving at a gas station and filled up. We set off again, Alea sniffed the soap they bought outside of Toronto and admired it. Victoria plowed through the drive. Around five hours in, her and Alea switched. Alea put on The Golden Compass audiobook that we downloaded. I couldn’t hear very well in the back so I fell asleep again. At  about an hour left, I woke up again. Alea and I switched. I drove the last hour, listening to LotR. It was easy having the book on and we were finally getting to the point of them leaving The Shire. The Soo was drawing near and before I knew it, I was parked in front of the venue, which was a cafe/laundromat. They told us to park out back to load in because it would probably be easier. They told us that we were playing in the laundromat portion of the place. We decided to move the show to the front cafe area, even though it was maybe 20 square ft. After a lot of shuffling of furniture we managed to figure out a stage and audience area. I put the drums together and we figured out placement. I also worked on my dampening. Making sure everything was at a good volume. It would be the most intimate and controlled show yet. We had never played some of these songs in this set up and I found it challenging at times to forget muscle memory like in IOEO and Speak. Jackson Reed, the guy that was opening the show, brought a small PA and it did just the job. We really watched our levels. It was nearing show time, 7:30PM and none of Alea’s relatives had shown up. I went outside for a bit. A couple showed up, then a middle aged woman. It didn’t worry us too much. Jackson played a soft set. We thought he was playing like an hour because apparently the owner told Alea’s relatives that we were playing at 8:45PM, but he finished at 8PM. Alea called her great aunt a bunch to try to let her know to come earlier, but no answer. We set up really slow and got levels. By the time we went on it was around 8:20PM and Alea’s relatives all arrived at once. A whole whack of people, most Alea had never met. Alea didn’t know what to do with everything and everyone. We waited about five minutes for everything to settle and everyone to figure out their seating in the tiny room. Banter was really easy because it was so intimate and personable, but we really needed to watch our volume. We started with Speak. That was interesting. Never thought that would go so alright. IOEO and Unrest were the real struggles because of the tom work and muscle memory and hearing everyone. People seemed to really enjoy it all though, and the room really filled up. Was sweet. We played for about thirty five minutes or so and I was afraid that disappointed Alea’s relatives. The set went nicely, I made mistakes but that was okay this time I think. It was a good practice for me to play so carefully and delicately. People swarmed the merch and quickly filed out. We sold quite a few CDs and soap, Alea was really busy with that. Jackson’s friends were pretty stoked on us too and that was nice. Alea’s relatives said they were clearing out some stuff and found old pictures of Alea, they gave Alea those and left. Two people that were there all night talked to Patrick and I and said nice things. They also brought up Immaculate Machine, Kathryn Calder’s old band. They loved them and didn’t know what happened but told us to tell her The Soo still loves her. Nicole, the owner, fed us after the show as well. Quiche, coleslaw, zucchini loaf, blueberry muffins. They had been preparing it all throughout the evening. We slowly packed our gear up and loaded out, Victoria chatted with Nicole’s mom and when we finished loading out, the room had already been rearranged. We thanked everyone and said our goodbyes. We were enroute to the house. Apparently, Alea’s great aunt had made freaking pizza for us as a snack. Unbelievable. We loaded in quickly, blew up the mattress and ate it up despite our late dinner. We decided when to get up in the morning based on how we wanted to spend our time in Thunder Bay, whether we want to have a nap or not when we get there. Began getting ready for bed. It had been another strange day. Tomorrow was another long drive.