I woke up okay, had a decent sleep, I think, despite not having many hours. I didn’t go to sleep right away though. Tossed and turned for awhile. Thought I heard something outside and checked. Had a number of bad dreams. One involved an old friend chasing me down violently. I can’t remember much of the rest. I eventually showed that I was awake when everyone was up. Victoria and Patrick had showered. Alea knelt by me and mentioned how they didn’t get much in the way of sleep and how they head-butted Victoria in their sleep. Alea seemed alright though, despite the sleep. Mary offered drinks and began breakfast. It was around 9AM. I grabbed coffee as Patrick doled out juice for whomever wanted it. We sat around with Victoria talking about her Bass POD and the pedal voltage difference when she brought it over from London and how it, along with other electronics, don’t get enough power here. I helped bring a few things to the breakfast table and Patrick and I sat down, followed by Victoria and Alea. I ate very quickly and left the table to load out and pack the car. Alea followed suit as quickly as possible. Soon the others came out. We loaded up and Alea went inside to talk to her great aunt. Victoria took the first shift. I did a double check of the house. Mary was talking to Alea about women having power and not being pushed around. They talked for a few more and we waited outside. Mary eventually came out and we said goodbyes and thank yous. We zoomed off and gassed up at 131.0 before leaving town. We gassed up another time along the way. Gas gauge has been fluctuating a bit. Alea switched off after a few hours and drove for about an hour. I drove for the next five hours after that. I listened to the last half of the first half of the first Lord Of The Rings book the entire time I drove. I struggled a bit a few times but I ate a cliff bar and snacks to keep myself going. The sunglasses have really helped me keep my eyes from straining while driving. We arrived at the motel soon enough, it was alright for a cheap one. We loaded in our personals and went to the bathroom. I drove us to the venue and we loaded in. The other band, Engine House was already there and loaded in. He had a big rock DW drum kit set up. They both immediately approached me, were super friendly and were so stoked to play with us. Both incredibly grateful and humbling people, thanking us a ton and asked if they could get us anything. I have never had an opening band ask if they can get me tea or coffee. He then cut down his kit a ton and said I probably had something better, his kit was fantastic and he had nothing to cut down. He thanked me multiple times for using his kit when I was trying to thank him for kit sharing. It was a stone wall of a kit to play to be honest, but it wasn’t worth switching or anything. We loaded in and instigated a little set up or at least figuring out our stage positioning. We quickly grabbed food, Alea and I had the black bean risotto burgers, Vic a steak salad, Pat a lobster bisque poutine. We ordered a bunch of beer samples from the waiter and asked about discounts. We were planning on indulging more later. Vic got a beer and Patrick got a hard root beer later. They were starting to clear tables and take door. The sound guy approached us and asked if we wanted to soundcheck. We said Engine House had their stuff set up so it probably wouldn’t make sense for us to set up and tear down. Alea went to the van to talk to their mom. When the show was about to start, they came inside and tried to find a place to set up merch. The security kept telling Alea that they couldn’t put it certain places. The place was busy, EH was playing. Alea went to warm up after figuring out merch. I was stretching and moving around. Patrick and I talked set after dinner. Before we got on stage, we decided a seven song instead of eight song set, and it filled a good amount of space. We took some time to set up and get everything right on stage. Starting like 10 minutes late. The crowd was massive, attentive and about to be weirded out.

The club crowd talked a lot during the set, but there were definitely people that were really into it. It was hard playing that kit though, it was already hard. When the sounds of everything filled the stage, I was completely drowned out. It was straining to play and I felt a ton of pain in my foot just trying to match the dynamic of the space and everyone playing. I fumbled a few times but did my best. I actually ended up a few songs in, asking for kick in my monitor. It didn’t do all that much. I played an alright drum solo, pretty full. Ended in a lot of crashes. That amped up the crowd a bit, I think. Did I mention there was a dad grooving along in the front when DJ Big D was on and a guy in a leisure suit gave me a finger point. DJ Big D was playing all of the hits after our set. It turned right into a grinding, bouncing club after that. Alea handled the merch, we sold a fair bit. We sold out of Pat and Victoria’s soap in Sault Ste Marie, so we didn’t have much left for the rest of the tour. I went to the merch table and asked if Alea wanted to switch off, they didn’t right now and in the meantime a couple guys came up and complimented our set. I went back and packed up some things. We loaded out. There were people lining the sidewalk and a drunk dude and two women arguing. It was already 1:30AM, but Alea felt it would still be useful for the three of them to go load the gear into the motel while I waited at the venue for the payout, which was at 2AM. So I waited and watched the crowd. When I went to get some water, a guy commented on my drumming well enough but then said, “I love the female body, I just want to f*** all of these women. Bend them right over and f*** them”. I actually couldn’t believe that, more so I don’t really want to believe it. It’s filthy on too many levels… anyways, 2AM rolled around and the last song pumped on. I got up as the crowd thinned out and Alea texted me about their arrival. I waited at the bar for the promoter. He had come up to us at dinner and introduced himself. Super nice and trustworthy. He gave me an envelope and he said if we ever want to put on another show to let him know. Very sweet. Alea was in the car and easier to talk to one on one now that we were out of the club and everything. We talked in the van for a good twenty minutes or so after arriving at the motel parking lot. Eventually, we went into our small room and got ready for bed. It took us a few but we slept around 3AM, prepping our alarms for 10AM.