We woke up around 9:30AM or something. Victoria was already out by the water doing yoga. I think we snacked on a few dry grain-based foods and dressed before getting out to the water. Alea and Patrick filmed a bit with the camera by the water in the kayaks before we set out on the lake. I went to Kate’s trailer, as I said I would. I think I woke her and her dog Vinny up. After about ten minutes waiting for her, I was considering heading down to meet her at the water. Right as I was awkwardly making my way, she came out and we walked down. We decided on our boats, Patrick took a little yellow solo, Alea and I took an orange double, Victoria came a little later on a board. Kate took a blue solo. We took off and quickly realized how large the lake was. It was interesting being out on the water, so close and in control. I tried to paddle with Alea who was in front but kept going too hard or something, wasn’t focused enough on being in sync. Didn’t know how we were supposed to do this as a group activity because everyone was very much on their own. We played bumper boats with Patrick a bit, especially because he kept cutting us off – haha. Had a lot of fun together. Felt really strange after how the tour had gone so far. Was weird to be on the water leisurely, I never would’ve guessed this would be in our plans.  Eventually we all paddled around to the other side of an island on the lake. I stood on the mossy island rocks and they all chatted about Kate’s adventures over the past ten years and her time at this resort. She would work anywhere, sometimes illegally, and save up to travel for six months. She talked about meeting people offering marriage to stay and she would decline because she wanted to keep travelling. We eventually started heading back, the wind kept us back a bit as it picked up. I made it back feeling a bit of a workout. I went back to the trailer along with everyone, after we parked the vessels. We washed our feet because the shower head didn’t work. Good thing we didn’t jump in the lake. We packed up and filmed a mock “cribs” bit with the trailer. Said goodbye to the owner and thanked her before driving off. We were running sort of behind schedule, having left at around 12:30PM. It was such a strangely luxurious morning. We stopped at Tim Hortons as per Alea and Victoria’s request. Patrick and I decided to unfortunately wait two more hours of driving for McDonald’s. Victoria began the trip. It was an eight hour drive ahead to The Crowe’s Nest. Not much happened that I could remember. We went to McDonald’s and we got a bunch of food, enough to feel gross. Alea picked up Subway along the way. The whole drive we felt progressively grosser. It was around 10PM before we landed in Regina at The Crowe’s Nest. I remember stopping at a gas station and appreciating the dark orange stretch of sunset across the prairie sky. I remember the van swaying, Victoria  combatting the wind on the drive. The weather was instantly hotter as we entered the prairies. It was also drier and windier. All of our time in Ontario had been quite cold and rainy, which was unusual for August/September. I strained to listen to LotR a bit on the tablet when I was in the front. My headphones didn’t isolate enough and I had to push the buds into my ears and curl my ears around to hear enough over Alea’s playlist. We arrived at the Crowe’s and it began to really feel like we were going home. It was the most at home I’d felt in a while. Ontario had me feeling uncomfortable most of the time. We pulled in to the warm welcome of Bob and Jakki, they helped load in our gear and we sat down at the tables that had been moved from the dining room to prepare for the house show they were having tomorrow. They had told us about how they prepared two lasagna’s for our arrival and pulled them out as soon as we sat down. They served us and we all ate until bursting. First proper meal we had in a few days. It was a late dinner. Everyone just hung around, I went in the living room where Bob sat and he asked about my kit and people breaking the heads, I did my best to sound positive about the experiences but told him about how things had gone. I wished him a goodnight and walked downstairs, cleaned myself up and settled before watching some videos and going to sleep.