We must’ve woken up around 10AM. Alea got up and in the shower, Victoria then me. I went downstairs for a bit and waited. After the shower, we were all in the kitchen indulging in toast, cereal and juice, except Patrick who was still upstairs. It was good to take my time making food. I charged my devices a bit more as I worked on some social media and uploading files to my Google Drive. Alea wanted to go to the bank, thrift store and figure out a few decisions with the messages we recently received on our socials. I took some time and put on some YouTube as I did band work. We headed out without Victoria so she could get some work done. I think we went to the bank first and talked about our finances. We talked about a show offer that had come up. After making some decisions, we went to Value Village to find a particular shirt that Alea had found earlier in the tour at the same store, but not bought. It was not there any longer, but Alea found another that they liked better anyway. We went to the dollar store and bought chocolate, I bought an aloe drink and a dollar store non alcoholic beer. Drove back to the house and just hung out for a little while, did some social media work. Bob arrived soon after and brought in some groceries before sitting with us a bit, talked about video games and the day. Jakki got home and settled her stuff. Broke out the chips and salsa and drinks all around. We soon discovered they were big drink buffs, particularly gin. More than anyone I’ve seen. Bob made me a surprise drink, something I had even craved. A caesar. Pat a hard root beer. Victoria a gin and tonic. We hung out and talked as Jakki prepared the condiments for dinner. We talked a lot about alcohol. We talked about his family and his fascination with gin. He brought out his gin book and all of his fancy gins. Now we know what to get him next time. They all had such different scents, it was interesting. He cooked up the patties and we dug in. I had two, unusually, with a salad. Was so full. We sat in the kitchen because the dining room was full of chairs for the house show the next day. After dinner, we sat for a bit and then helped Bob bring set up the living room for the house show some more – more chairs, moved furniture and helped figure out the seating plan. He was really appreciative. He thought it would take two hours, not the twenty minutes it actually took. We sat down and Victoria helped Jakki put up lights. Bob put on a record of his old band from the seventies and told us about how they won a contest to record a 7” because they collected all the bottle caps in town for the contest and voted for themselves. Classic. It was super seventies rock, pretty tight and all recorded to tape, it was pretty damn impressive. He was a good drummer. Alea and I were pretty loopy at this point, and then Jakki brought out cake. We were so full from dinner but THEN, even after cake, Alea and I had hot chocolate for some dumb reason. We were so unbelievably bloated. Patrick had their dog Rigby jumping all over and licking the hell out of him. He showed little resistance to the dogs’ cuteness. It was getting a little late and after all of the food and drink and chatting and lounging, it seemed about time to get to bed so we hunkered down and went to our respective beds.