We woke up at The Crowe’s Nest after a restful night. I’ve had some great sleeps at that house.  Victoria was doing yoga in the living room. I showered second. I made a decent breakfast of cereal, toast, juice. Milled about and I did my dishes. I sat on the couch and did some socials I think, did a doublecheck and decided it was time to go. Jakki and Bob were at work, but left a note insisting that we take some food for the road. I threw some lasagna in the jar that I had carried around all tour. Pat and Vic put theirs in foil, in another container we had been carrying. I began to load out with Alea, soon Patrick as well. We packed up and set off. It was a four to five hour drive ahead. I found a gas station along the way and it looked like it was only for trucks. It was the first time that I got an invoice with a gas up. Patrick said there was a convenience store down the road and we drove there. Inconveniently, it wasn’t a convenience store, it was another truck station with truck accessories. Patrick needed food bad and eventually pointed out a corner store along the highway, where we stopped and he bought a hideous-looking packaged burger. Before long, we were in Medicine Hat and parking in front of our friend’s shop. We went inside to the office-like building into an open room with aesthetic everywhere. We were nervous leaving the gear in the car but did it anyway and checked up on it. The stuff in her store was really cute; notebooks, scarfs, hoodies, jewelry, soaps. We killed a bit of time talking and eventually her boyfriend Andrew arrived. He was kind and easy to get along with too. They closed up the shop and drove to their place with us in tow. It was a few minutes away and said to be an old dairy mill turned apartment building. Super interesting inside with stone floors and open space. We were hesitant leaving the car out but again, did it anyways. Luckily, their place was ground floor and it was easy to see the van from there. They served a great dinner: caesar salad, penne pasta with creamy tomato sauce, and garlic bread. We gathered around the table. Andrew spoke a lot about his experience touring and playing with Teen Daze and Jordan Klassen. We talked about the Peak Performance Project as well, since Andrew and Victoria had both been through it. After a little while, we headed out and Andrew led us to the venue. It was close by and primarily a fish and chips Brit pub with older folks inside. We loaded in and the stage was right in the doorway. I set up the kit asap. Andrew went to pick up Erica and they graciously did door for the evening. I called my dad and spoke to him a little as to how things had been going. My mom called during and we tried to have a three way call, even with it cutting in and out. He said he would check with a few people he knew in Kelowna for a place to stay for us, as we still didn’t have accommodation there. The owner caught me and chatted with me about the venue before I went back inside. Swim arrived and so did the audience. We tiredly sat at the merch table and just talked a bit, we were very beat. We talked about an upcoming show that had really fallen apart. It didn’t feel great to potentially have another day off, another day of lost revenue and experience. I don’t remember if we decided then or not, but we decided to just do it despite everything. Swim had a bit of a set up of synths and guitars. People gathered around the stage and a guy actually came up and said that he listened to our stuff online and just on a whim decided to come. He just moved back to Medicine Hat after living in San Diego and Vancouver. He was sweet. I was too dead for conversation though. Swim started. Quite good. It was no surprise that they played with Blessed, they have very complimentary sounds. We went on and I had some trouble focusing and staying together during the set. Really fumbled several times. My body is tired and my brain is overwhelmed by what was happening outside this show. People seemed to like it, but I was so out of it. The drummer of Swim talked drums with me a bit afterwards, about his drum kits and about my nesting kit. Everyone left in a flash and we loaded up to jet back to our friend Tyler’s place, who we had played with back in Saskatoon. He had offered us his place for us to crash when we found out our previous accommodation had fallen through. He lived in a house with a couple people that went to the show with him; they were very complimentary. Loaded in and I tried to shoo the cat rubbing all over our things the entire time, as Patrick and I are allergic to cats. Alea blew up the mattress and we put it downstairs in their jam space. The house was clean and large, was brutal hearing that it was only a thousand for rent overall. We slunk into our beds pretty quickly after meeting Sabrina and Reilly, and talking with them and Tyler for a bit. I was getting an irritated throat and face with the cat around, and kept sitting up and checking that it wasn’t touching my things as I tried to sleep. It’s funny, Patrick and I slept downstairs to avoid the cat but it hung out there all night.