It was a real daze. I had a stiff neck and not much rest because of the cat and the air mattress deflating I think and no pillow, certainly my bad. I did not want to get up. Sweaty and sore, I took my time and before long I got out of bed, once I knew everyone had already showered. I had heard chatter upstairs for a while, in between dozing. Walking upstairs, Reilly greeted me with the offer of a black cherry protein shake. He offered that to everyone apparently (his roommates teased), everytime – haha. It was his thing. Pretty funny. I used up the last bit of one of the hotel bars of soap. Survived on the protein shake and WiFi for a while. We were all doing our own thing. Eventually, ate my jar of lasagna and Tyler came upstairs to ask us if we want to guest vocal on his friend’s song downstairs. We gladly hopped on. I proposed Alea do it. It was blues rock sort of. Nice guy and pretty good production. Apparently, it’s a diversion from his folk material. After a while, even knowing that Alea normally doesn’t like anyone extra in the room while they record vocals, we all left the room. They only wanted the one layer of “ah’s”. We all ate the lasagna, we packed and Alea looked for places to eat. Alea ate some alphagetti to tie over. After packing up the mattress and personals downstairs, Patrick, Alea and I went to some thrift stores nearby. Victoria stayed behind to do work. The first store was local and not lucrative for us. We walked a few blocks to the next one. It had three levels and the vinyl was twenty five cents. I bought Abba’s self-titled and Patrick bought an Eno record called “Another Green World”. We walked to a Tim Hortons and bought a bagel and made our way to the van. We had pushed the envelope with travel time and we needed to get going so we went back to the house. Alea and I loaded the van. Alea took the drive and I sat in the back playing games and listening to music. Communicated with the promoters of one of our shows that was falling apart and worked on socials and general band stuff. Before long we were in Lethbridge pulling right up front to the venue. Checked if we could load in about half an hour early and I rushed the load in so I could check the pawn shop across the street that I noticed. The venue was very cool. Kinda like an old big burlesque stage or a western style stage with indigenous portrait artwork all over the walls, a personalized arcade cabinet and owls everywhere. We looked over the sarcastic and hilarious, dense menus. Found out we had a deal with food and a drink. I had the veggie burger, it was good, just enough portion for one. The others ordered quinoa with veggies and Pat ordered a cod wrap. We were going to share someone else’s kit but no one arrived in time, so I set up mine and we soundchecked after we ate. The waitress was very sweet. The room sounded really full with everything mic’d. Really interesting space. Steve, the guy I booked through who was younger and more sarcastic than I imagined, did sound as well. He was a nice person and fun to talk to. The other bands arrived all at once and brought up bill order all at once. It was overwhelming – haha. We all talked and eventually decided on playing middle. I sat with WINT and talked a bit, I was so excited to see them play. I don’t get all that excited about live music very often, but WINT… they decided on a setlist and dispersed. I went back to our table. WINT went on a little after. They were super great, we cheered extra hard. Watched their whole set. Jon of Bummer Club was there and said a quick hi, so were Jackson and Cory Bug of J Blissette. Steve did a derby-like host like announcement over the sound system when everyone went on. He also reminded the crowd to donate to the bands. WINT had a great audience reaction. Our set went pretty alright, didn’t hear much partially because the monitor was angled weird. But I made it through the set with only a few stumbles, one being my glasses knocked off of my face by my sticks in IOEO. Did my best to keep everything on the ball though. People seemed to really enjoy it, especially IOEO and Unrest. I wasn’t aware that we had draw there. One guy was actually starstruck I found out later and he bought a shirt, vinyl and soap or something. A physics teacher at the bar named Pablo commented on my drumming and the whole set really. He loved it, I chatted with him a bit after I ordered a peach cider. We loaded off quickly and began talking to Rebecca of WINT right away. I tried to tell Brandon how much I liked his stuff and I bought a tape and shirt off of him. Child Actress went on. Halfway through the set, the lead singer mentioned that she started the project after her boyfriend, Chris Reimer, of the band Women died. That was big news to us. She said that she dedicated the project to him and played some of his songs. She used to jam with him too and had some old tapes of his. She works on getting his music out to people too. The proceeds of the tapes were going to a double vinyl fund of his music. Alea and I turned to each other in amazement several times. Made for a good headlining slot. They were a strong band, sounded a bit like Twin River. Alea and I got to loading out, not before Brandon exchanged phone numbers with us. He asked if we wanted to meet for brunch tomorrow, I told him I was down as long as we had time. We loaded up quickly as it was damp having just rained. We jetted to Rebecca of WINT’s house. We soon found out that they roomed with Curtis Windover and Cory of J Blissette. We got there pretty quickly and loaded our gear downstairs. There were plenty of surfaces to sleep on. Alea and I took the mattress downstairs. Patrick took the upstairs pullout. Victoria brought a mattress downstairs to the same room as Alea and I. Everyone had to wake up early and their rooms were upstairs, so it made sense for us to be out of their way. We all crashed pretty quickly and decided we were going to wake up around 9AM to be ready for brunch with Brandon.