We left Nate’s running a bit late. Our car is stuffed full and we’re still learning how to get used to packing and living in it. The front is covered in bugs and it’s only going to get worse. We gave Nate a vinyl for hosting us, he is so sweet and deserves so much more. It was a drive and a half to Saskatoon, and we were nervous about the upcoming show after having previous bad experiences there. I don’t remember much to be honest. I slept more because I had a few drinks but I think I slept in the car too.  I took the first driving shift and I felt dead within the first few hours so I switched off with Alea. It was dry as hell out there and the hills were rolling. We followed the weird directions through streets that looked exactly the same. Just long odd highways of wheat and bugs. They led to this awful dusty gravel road that lasted some 15 minutes. Was a bit concerned for the van. Eventually we pulled into a desolate park right outside the town of Dorothy, incidentally reminding us of The Wizard Of Oz. There was a dusty playground with a swing set and all. We took turns at some fancy outhouses and ate the muffins that we’d been carting around from my mom. There was a really cool grain mill that I would have liked to adventure in but we were short for time. Hours later, we landed in Saskatoon. The house venue was a band house in a nice neighbourhood. Some people were hanging out outside, after a quick greeting we began to load in. We found out right before the show that it was moved to the living room instead of the basement. The people that showed up didn’t seem to care much about the entire lineup, they just treated it as a house party. Alea and Victoria went to pick up the Thai food that we ordered from Red Pepper that was really great. We lounged for a while and chatted with the bands a bit. Ate some thai food and we played pretty well, which was nice seeing as we had no monitors and we were playing in a living room. I broke down the kit and got my stuff out of there because they were bringing another kit in so that we could leave to get to Regina that night. J Blissette had a rip roaring set. Victoria was high on Benadryl and the show was moving downstairs so we just packed up, said our goodbyes and thank you’s and left. The drummer, Tyler, of J Blissette said anytime we’re looking to book in Medicine Hat, let him know, as he does local bookings there. He was very kind. We left, Alea powered through the night drive to Regina, and we loaded into The Crowe house at 2AM. Elissa’s Dad was there to greet us, we ate a few cookies and chatted with him before bed. We made it to bed soon enough, I did a bit of work and leisure in bed for a short while before getting to sleep.