It was nice to have at least a blanket to cushion my head when I was sleeping – haha. They had a nice duvet they let us use, so I was plenty warm throughout the night. I didn’t get up right away because the shower was occupied. I went in and cleaned super quick and packed my stuff up. Upstairs, Rebecca was rushing around packing her things for school. I had assumed Cory left but I guess she was waiting for him. She talked about the place and how the Terrific Kids Collective met there and how it was also a house venue. They were moving though. She explained that Curtis was moving out to live in his camper and they didn’t have enough of a heads up to find another roommate. Rebecca will also be out of town with WINT for a few shows when everyone is moving the place, she felt super bad about that. Victoria was drinking tea and chatting with them, Cory arrived with milk and bread. They hung around in the kitchen for a little while as Alea and I texted Brandon about brunch. After some minor deliberation, we decided on 10:45AM at the record store he worked at. Time flew by and Alea and I began loading out again, Patrick noticed and joined in. It had been raining and was a bit chilly. We drove off, Alea driving there and me driving after. We stopped at the store, parked out front and I went inside to peruse the records. Brandon arrived shortly thereafter and I left Alea to handle the consignment while I browsed. They finished and I kept looking through the records. Brandon came up to me after helping them with that. He asked if there was anything in particular that I was looking for, I told him “no, just like to browse a lot” and we started talking. I mentioned that it was cool to see a Michachu record in person and he was happy I knew them and said it was probably his favourite record. Made sense – haha. We talked a bit, and eventually left to get a seat at the diner next door; I did too after I was done. We chatted about four track recording, self-recording, Vancouver and The Peak Performance Project. It was the first time we had really done that I think, met with another musician friend in the morning to chat and get food. We left around noon, not before I asked our waiter to quickly snap a picture of us. We chatted outside and said our goodbyes. Victoria drove for the first half while I caught up with my journal. I am writing these to remember feelings and events that I often forget hours later or a day later and I want to be diligent about this log of thoughts. Patrick took shotgun. We switched off at a gas station halfway down and Patrick bought some sour cream Doritos and cherry Sprite. It was a highlight for us all. He didn’t intend to share the entire bag, I don’t think buuut… I drove next.  Patrick plugged in some of his band sketches and I weeded through them as I went along. I was surprised how many of them didn’t make sense with our stuff and how there were a lot of electronic tracks, full band tracks and stuff he didn’t think would work and skipped that I thought were alright. He also had less than I imagined because we mowed through them in like half an hour. I only thought a couple made sense and a couple had textures, moods, or chords that made sense to me. My eyes felt kind of heavy after a little while, but not as bad as other times so I kept awake. Not before long we hit Edmonton and pulled into Patrick’s Aunt and Uncle’s house.  We heavily indulged in the snacks and salads they had left for us. I did a bunch of band social media. Marnie, Patrick’s aunt, arrived. I talked with her a bit, I asked if it was her birthday recently. It was her 65th in August and I tried to make my reaction a positive one because she’s in incredible shape for sixty-five. She told me about her friend that is struggling with Leukaemia and her ninety-five year old parents that she takes care of, her orchestra that she took a break from and Derek, Patrick’s Uncle, protesting Breakout West for not paying musicians. Everyone pretty quickly dispersed. I brought a trail mix and water and took the double bed for once. I watched some PewDiePie and laid down while Victoria and Alea worked on singing exercises at the piano. We weren’t told a load in time so we just left at 7:10PM and arrived at 7:30PM, still being the first ones to load in. I drove and listened to Marilyn Manson. I didn’t bring my kit, so I used The Jins’. When we arrived, I greeted the promoter and at one point talked to her outside for a bit. She talked about how her colleague, Craig, was managing this multi-entertainment Cineplex owned complex that had an arcade, theatre, venue, etc. She was cool and I thanked her for her help in taking this show on. I talked with Jamie of The Jins a bit. Patrick and I talked to Hudson of The Jins outside. Hudson talked about their tour so far. We bounced experiences off of each other. The local openers showed up when they were supposed to play and didn’t bring some of their instruments, so we had to push the show back. They started at ten. We played the set comfortably for the most part. It was more comfortable than some shows at least. We played well for the sound set-up. I went a bit off at times but overall, alright. The Jins went on and rock’d and roll’d. We loaded out, I thanked the promoter again and we drove off. Loaded in, drank some drinks in the fridge that said “drink me” and went to our beds, Alea crashed right away. I watched an H3 podcast, drank and went to sleep.