My alarm went off at 9:00AM, I snoozed it and got up at around 9:30AM. I had another good sleep. I needed that bed and a good pillow. The space was healthy for me. I took my time, but not too much. I heard Victoria and Alea downstairs talking to Marnie. Got dressed before going downstairs. There were scrambled eggs and had chocolate croissants that I had eyed in the fridge, with bagels and coffee. I started learning how to use the toaster oven and readied a bagel along with my eggs and coffee. Already ate two croissants before my bagel was ready. I grabbed my food and stood there while Alea and Victoria poked around an online clothing store. The plan for the day was to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller before our show tonight. I asked Alea if we were leaving at 11AM still – we pushed it to 11:30AM. I went to my room and ate while I watched some YouTube videos. New King Krule is super good, and the videos are stellar. Can’t wait for the record, hoping to maybe catch the show in Vancouver. It was getting closer to 11:30AM. Everyone was carrying gear outside, when I got down, they had loaded out almost everything to my dismay. I wish I knew that they had started. We finished packing the van, hugged Marnie, she generously gave us treats for the road, and we left. I drove. The van was pretty quiet for a while. Halfway through, Alea and I started talking. The drive felt longer than it was, but before long we reached Drumheller and its rocky valley roads. Instantly desert-like and ancient seeming. The town entrance was obviously touristy, quickly out of the way was the museum though shielded by dry, barren hills. I parked and grabbed a few bars and the camera. The museum opened up to a preview of a jungle with dinos and moved immediately into fossils and a few dino skulls, diagrams of the Earth’s beginning. A lot of it at the beginning looked familiar having seen it before when I was a kid. I don’t know how I felt about it all. Everyone wandered their way through the museum, but in the end we seemed to naturally meet up. It was strange being older and actually seeing these bones of creatures that seemed to exist. It’s just an insane concept, especially looking at the sea creatures. I am fascinated by sea monsters. I wish I could see more of those. Made me think of when I’m on YouTube at 2AM searching monsters and sea life hoping to find something revolutionary knowing that I would definitely have already heard about by then. I took my time wandering and everyone finished far before me. I perused the gift shop trying to find something that I wanted to no avail. I texted the others and they were outside at a lookout above the museum. I went out to meet them and they walked down as I came up. I just took a quick look and went to the van. Victoria drove. I got in the back and fell asleep a bit of the drive and we gassed up. We bought an oil filter and oil on the way, our friend Nate was going to help us with an oil change later. We hit Calgary and found the venue. I woke up jarred by suddenly being in the city and city driving. We arrived at a house in the middle of the city and surrounded by construction zones with entire blocked off streets. We parked a bit away and Patrick went in to check about load in. We started and there were a few people there to help with sound, door and load in. We hurried and Alea went to park. The house was cool and just reverberant enough. I began setting up my kit right away, unfortunately taking up a lot of the room with my stands and pieces. I did my best to get it done. The stage wasn’t big, it was kind of squashed but there was enough space for us to fit. I decided to throw the drums on the side instead of the center for space and sound. We talked about micing and we left to find food. Victoria googled a Vietnamese place a few blocks away. We all walked there to find that it was very closed. Walking to the supermarket across the street, we hoped to find anything that we could have for dinner. It was like a slightly cheaper Whole Foods. I contemplated the packaged to go meals with Patrick and took a peak at the food bar. So as Alea and Victoria got their meals, Patrick and I looked for other places on our phones. I decided to go to the Subway in the end after calling to confirm that they had falafel. Patrick went to this grilled cheese, poutine place that Andy, the person doing sound and drummer in Soft Cure, recommended. I talked to the guy at Subway about our band and gave him a card – making those connections wherever I can, sometimes a little shamelessly. He was the most generous sandwich artist I’d had on tour. I walked back to the venue and they were having trouble with the bass drum mic. Apparently they were getting a high pitch and big resonance out of it that they didn’t want. They talked about stuffing it a lot and I told them that wasn’t going to help. Really tried to avoid that option. I tried tuning it out, putting a few things in it and after I realized that it was the other mics picking it up, I threw my blanket over it. When Patrick showed up, he helped EQ it properly. We got everything going. The others hung out in the back room. I talked with people in the front and manned the merch table. Andrew of Andrew’s Pale Horses arrived with a friend and she bought a CD right away, was nice to see them. The place filled up pretty quickly. Wasn’t packed but plenty of people were there. They had a decent coloured lighting rig in each room. The show started around 9PM. Pancake went on stage and they had a parody goth/emo attitude. Alea and I talked about their commitment to the characters. Some of their songs were really quite good. The first one especially. I went to the bathroom during their last song and talked to my dad about getting a Kelowna accommodation. Nothing yet but he was going to try a few more people. We were on next. The drums felt really good to play in the room and as the others tested in ears and their guitars, it was difficult to avoid playing. I may have played a bit louder than usual this set… The first few notes played to an empty room, but people started to file in as we played and eventually the room insulated. A few people that were dancing to Pancake’s set didn’t know what to do so they sat down for our set. They seemed to like it though. I felt good about it despite it being cold in the room and my body tensing up a bit. I made it through without much skipping or missing anything. Patrick actually broke a string during the set which held us up but elongated our set which I think helped. Left us to be fun and personable with the crowd. Told a tour story or two. I hurried my gear offstage and headed to the merch table. Sold a few things after Alea ran the table. Had to tell someone we didn’t have their t shirt size which sucked, but nothing I could do. We also ran out of my soap so all we had left was Alea’s. I hung out at the merch table for the rest of the night. I took some pictures and video on my phone. Soft Cure had balloons with toys attached to the bottom and a lot of instrumentals. We ate some of Patrick’s chips. They brought out a cake at the end of their set that was apparently a few days old, was good though. I saw people with plates and forks and followed. Told Alea about it. They put on a boom box with a Barney tape at the end and invited people to eat the cake. They put on Closing Time afterwards and Sweet Caroline and What’s New Pussycat but with pitch effects and delays and everyone broke down the equipment to this soundtrack. Was really funny. I broke down my kit and the others loaded the van and hurried out. I grabbed a piece of cake before I left. Andy picked up the whole cake and put it in our van, to much protest. He didn’t want it anymore and insisted we take it. I didn’t know if anyone liked the cake or not because I was the only one that was jazzed on it. Alea drove off and we went to a gas station along the way to Nate’s house. I gassed up and left my bloody wallet on the roof. I couldn’t believe it, I’m lucky no one stole it. We drove off and heard something fall off the roof, presumably my wallet. It clicked that it was in fact my wallet and I began to panic. We pulled over and I ran around the highway with my phone flashlight on, scared, cursing like crazy and nervous. I was hugely embarrassed and scared I wasn’t going to find it. It could have fallen anywhere and flown off into the grass, and it was completely dark out. Lucky me, it was in the middle of the road and visible with the contents strewn across the road. I ran around collecting everything, dodging cars. Good thing I had spent the last of my cash on WINT’s merch. I found most cards, except for my Mastercard. Alea had come out and I finally found my card as I went back towards the car. I’m so lucky. I apologized as I got into the car. We arrived at Nate’s house without further incident. We loaded in and blew up the mattress, trying to be quiet. Nate came out and helped with the oil change, cheerful despite it being 1AM and him having to work in the morning. Alea and I watched as he did it. It was actually super easy. He looked at the oil and that was alright but the filter didn’t match so he couldn’t use it, we’d have to return it and get a new one. We took our time and we chatted a little. He showed us his project truck that he had been working hard on. Before I went downstairs to bed, he went outside for a smoke and said, if there was ever anything I needed to let him know. ​I know that I’ve barely scratched the surface with him but, I think that he’s a truly great person, I know we all do.​ I did some social media stuff and we cleaned up so we could get to bed as soon as possible.