​I can’t believe we have one more show left. Waking up at Nate’s felt so strange and uncomfortable. I was relegated to the random mattress downstairs with Patrick without a word about it – haha. It was almost the end though and I didn’t even care. I got up as soon as I woke, and jolted out of bed, grabbed everything I owned in the room and what I needed for the bathroom. Victoria and Sarah, Nate’s partner, were talking in the kitchen. I just walked into the bathroom without being detected. I did my best to hurry in the bathroom as we were planning on packing up within the next forty-five minutes. I went into the kitchen to have a bit of cereal. Victoria talked with her about hallucinogenics, marijuana and how it affects a person’s outlook on life. Sarah also spoke about her job as a nurse a bit, but about what specifically escapes me right now. We talked about something unfortunate that had happened with Nate lately. It’s just a whole web of misfortune and as far as I know, Nate doesn’t deserve it. Victoria and I both told her that he is very loved in Vancouver and we’ve never heard a mean comment about him. I also offered my help in case it was ever needed, more musically than anything I suppose because I don’t know how else I can help. It seems imperative that we show support, he’s the best. I was too caught up in all of that to not notice that everyone had loaded out and packed up. It happened again. I did express the other day that I was having trouble with my knee and I was going to take it easy with the lifting, but this isn’t what I meant. I want us all to equally contribute to the loading if possible. I don’t know how everyone felt about me not getting involved in the packing, I can only say that I didn’t feel good about it. Either way, it was done and we hugged Sarah. Victoria took the first shift. I think I fell asleep after getting into the drive and she drove most of the way. I woke up for the gas stops and I think I fell asleep listening to Tyler The Creator at one point. After a good five hours or so, I took the wheel and drove the rest of the way, but not before a stop at a gas station where Patrick heated up his leftover poutine while I ate a can of pears and snacks. I was careful on the roads, what with them becoming windy and driving alongside BC campers and trucks. There was a lot of tailgating and inconsistent driving speed. After a wrong turn passing by a beautiful orchard, I found my way back with the help of Patrick and his GPS. It was a very different route then I was used to entering the city and at times felt like it wasn’t going to end. The downtown core pretty much popped up out of nowhere. We were soon in front of the venue and I drove around back to check if there was a load in area. Didn’t look like it so I asked Alea to pop in to ask about load in. They called me to tell me that there was a gate that they would be opening around back. I thought it would have space to house the van, but I was wrong. It awkwardly jutted out. We loaded in and up the stairs. We had decided to load in now instead of waiting for load in, even though we’d have to move our gear back downstairs at the time of load in. Decided to eat there after locking the car. We sat in the front, out of the way of the noise. Everything on the menu was five bucks, like The Warehouse in Vancouver. I ordered just a veggie burger. Victoria looked like she was in space, I think day dreaming about getting home to her bed. She was different at this point, we all were but in different ways. We were also used to this in some respects. Syren And The Waves showed up and began chatting with us. After some conversation, Alea and Victoria went to the car to rest and Patrick went for a walk. I chatted with Hillary (Syren), I felt bad that she walked in on our last show of tour and all of the things that we were talking about and our low energy. She was very, very nice. After a while, Hillary left and Patrick got back. We tried to think of a social media post. We loaded a few things on stage and the sound guy tested Hillary as she set her gear up. We went upstairs to talk about how everything was going and get some space from the bar noise. We went back downstairs and Alea set up merch, people put their beers on our vinyl a few times so I went to the table and stood by it. The bar was busy and Hillary started. She was into it, super passionate and I respect that. She stuck her neck out. We set up as soon as possible and the sound guy checked everything. I didn’t say much to Hillary right away because there was a lot going on, but I tried to make it clear that I appreciated her set. We huddled a bit before the set and took a picture. The set went alright, without any monitoring for me, especially. Some people in the audience were REALLY into it. There were so many bros talking about getting wasted and f***ing and everything disgusting in between. I was doing my best to drown them out, even their pelvic thrusts. Anyways, we powered through the set and even included Hypertension, we were five minutes under the forty five minute mark that we were supposed to meet but, there wasn’t much in the way of banter to contribute with this crowd, so OH WELL. I tried not to feel uncomfortable with it. The only thing that the sound guy said to me was, “That was a short set”. We packed up as quickly as possible. Hillary bought the very last of our soap, which was incredibly kind of her. The owner gave us our cut and it was generous. We were all really blown away and it was a positive note to end the tour on, it really saved us financially. I thanked the owner and made sure that we left on good terms, even though I knew we didn’t match that venue and we may not return. Patrick had organized a last minute accommodation via his roommate Sheldon. A young woman that was a music blogger and starting to promote in the city. I drove about twenty minutes to her house, they had a couple couches and blankets. I slept on the floor on a few blankets, I didn’t care. I just wanted to sleep. It was the last night and we were going to drive home first thing in the morning. We didn’t even interact with the people in the house really, we just went to bed and passed out. We decided to wake up at like 8AM to get home. In the morning, they loaded out before I even got upstairs, again. But we had a nice chill drive, and it was nice to arrive home in the afternoon as opposed to late at night, which is our usual. Good to be home.