Wish that I got more sleep. The inn was a real treat. Despite having to share a bed again, being able to sleep on a proper bed brought me back to life a little bit. I woke up shortly before the alarm and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I got up and walked to the breakfast room. After the past few days of meals, I was real hungry. Ate a bowl of cereal, almost two large waffles, a bagel with peanut butter, jam and honey, cup of coffee, glass of orange juice. I ate too much. The husband (looked like he was related to Jim Gaffigan) and wife that ate near us had a kid that just wanted to eat chips for breakfast. It was challenging to not rip on him. We powered through breakfast and went back to the room to veg out for a few and clean ourselves up. Hoped to have more down time. Before long, we had to check out and load out. I think I took the first and only shift. It was a two and a half hour drive. Turns out I was pretty tired still. Dozed a bit which was not smart. We made it to town, Patrick googled the venue and found there was parking in the back so we parked there. Alea and Victoria went to the bathroom at a cafe. Alex, who worked at the venue, showed us around the venue and apartments above that we were to stay in that night. There was a cat again. The rooms didn’t seem nearly as spooky as I had been warned. The venue was kind of cool too. We loaded the gear in and went to the big pawn shop nearby to kill time. Patrick and I walked a bit and followed some signage that pointed to a “hipster haven”. Joking about the city and soon giving up and turning around, it sprinkled for a second and then… torrential downpour. I only had shorts on and a light shirt and hoodie. Soaked, we found cover and ran to the cafe that Victoria was working at. Alea showed up, drenched from the rain, they had taken a walk down to the waterfront and been caught in the downpour. Talked about places to eat, checked out the recommended places and their prices/menu. Found a Thai place on Google Maps and had a nice time there, I even ordered bubble tea for myself as a treat. We were nearing load in time, went back to the apartments to find the only nice rooms taken by others who had arrived after us. Met the other band downstairs, they were nice people. The people that ran the venue were genuine, offered us food (chili) and smoked indoors. Just doing whatever the hell they wanted. The whole night onward was weird. We had a few teenagers open that reminded me all too much of my preteens. There were bowls of random snacks all over the venue and for some reason, I was stuffing my face. The boys finished. We set up. Tested a few things and played our set. Some people seemed to like us. We sold three shirts to the owner’s mom, a vinyl to this cool guy from California and chatted for a few. He had just arrived in Thunder Bay on a job. He was working at a biofuel facility down the road. My friend showed up, I didn’t even know that she was in Thunder Bay. She ordered a caesar that had a pickle, like no alcohol and a big shot of Tabasco. Spaceport Union also bought some music. Our set went okay, I couldn’t hear much and didn’t stretch so my arms were struggling. Made it through though. Talked with Spaceport Union, the other band, they told us awful stories about their tour so far. Showing up to house shows and the homeowner just saying he didn’t feel like having a show. Being confronted by the homeowners friends for no reason etc. Not showering for a week. The venue capped the night with a few ice cream sandwiches and a Jaco Pastorius documentary. Apparently everyone just slept on the couches downstairs, even the patrons? The sleeping situation was not ideal but we toughed the night out, even if it was 2AM and we were getting up at 9AM. Just needed to get some sleep.