We woke up feeling deprived of comfort and sleep, walked downstairs and to the venue with our things. Grabbed everything and loaded out. Did I mention that our camera broke yesterday? Packing the van somewhat properly, we hit up the Tim Hortons immediately and sat in the parking lot for a sec. Today’s drive wasn’t so bad and we didn’t have a show either. Victoria took the first drive, then Alea, and finally I took the last 2 hours and a half I think. Maybe 1 hour and a half. I can’t remember. However long it takes to get to Sault Ste Marie from Wawa. Not much happened. We had finally reached the nice part of The Canadian Shield. The views were incredible, the dips into the valleys and the lakes stretching out before us. I slept a bit in the car and played some games. Slept some more. We made it to Wawa before we knew it and the excitement was infectious. Everyone was saying Wawa in a variety of ways. The enormous geese statues everywhere. Phew. Was funny to be back and with time to get pictures. We stopped for a sandwich and a stretch. Took loads of pictures with the geese monuments and the taxidermied moose. Had a lot of laughs. I can’t wait to go running in Toronto. I need exercise. Bad. The next little while I struggled through the driving, dazing a bit, listening to a couple subpar Comedy Bang Bang episodes. Once again, I feel like I pretty much just made it to the town. We pulled into Sault Ste. Marie, and drove to Alea’s Great Aunt’s house. She was surprised by the amount of gear we had crammed into the van. She also exchanged a few words with me about the venue we’d be playing on the way back. She made a huge delicious lasagna from scratch for us for dinner, with a salad and garlic bread. She was doing her best to socialize and ask us questions, but we were pretty out to lunch. OR I GUESS YOU COULD SAY DINNER. She asked something about Alea’s grandfather and the tree they planted for him, talked about Alea’s Grandma a bit. Asked us about ourselves. She also showed us the double bed, and very narrow futon we were to split between the four of us. Alea saw my look of panic and we went outside to blow up the air mattress for me. It felt good to have a bed and food and shelter in such a comfortable home.