I woke up a few times and got up after a decent sleep. Really paid off after the past few days. Wish I could have more. Alea’s Great Aunt Mary was quietly puttering away in the kitchen, mostly on her laptop. It was around 9AM. I just decided to get up and hop in the bathroom right away to groom and shower. It was a gift to be clean. Just felt so gross from the Thunder Bay experience. In time, Victoria woke up, and Alea, then Patrick. Mary offered tea and juice, I had both. She had prepared a breakfast of oven baked egg-covered grilled cheese with banana-chocolate chip muffins. It was delicious. We chatted a bit at the table. A lot about Victoria and our family backgrounds, eventually we began to talk about cultures and immigration. We talked a lot about refugees and countries taking them in. After a lengthy discussion, we cleaned up and got ready for Mary’s great tour of the town she had planned for us. She took us in her car, and Victoria took the van to Starbucks to get some work done. Mary eagerly showed us her old house from when she was a kid, her parents house, her cousin’s house, the house her dad owned and his dad built on the other side of town that Italian people weren’t supposed to cross back in the day, the old school that Alea’s grandma and great aunt went to. So many interesting old brick buildings here and abandoned buildings that I want to explore. Mary showed us a statue in town of a relative of Alea’s named Billy O that raced dogs in the Iditarod, and Alea was excited to learn about their relatives they had never heard of before; we joked that Billy O is the reason Alea loves dogs. We also found out that Alea’s great grandma used to make soap, which explains their own soap making passion. Mary continued on and showed us the little thrift shop that she works at next to the men’s shelter. We insisted on going in much to her surprise, and we had a great time poking around inside. She showed us all around the town, took us to Loplops, The Gore Street Cafe, city hall, the courthouse, the docks, and lastly an old residential school turned University… that was surreal and we had a lot of mixed feelings about it. It was around 2PM by that point and we needed to head to Sudbury, so we went back to the house. Victoria arrived soon after and we ate leftovers before packing the van and hitting the road. I hit the top of my head on a beam, straight on leaving the basement with gear. I heard a crack in my head and felt a bump right away. Seemed to get better over time, hopefully nothing bad comes out of it. Victoria took the first drive, I sat in the front and fell asleep right away. Waking up, she had me download a podcast episode of “This American Life” about Afrofuturism.  I took over the drive about 1 1/2 hours out. Driving up to the venue, in Sudbury, I grew concerned because it didn’t look as I expected and there were no parking signs. I parked half on the curb with my blinkers on. I met Cody (the man running the show for the evening) and we loaded everything in. He informed me of the free parking out back – thank goodness. I walked into the venue to resolve all of the miscommunication that had happened leading up to the show. Cody had a few friends with him. I later learned that they worked in the building as maintenance. We talked about the show and really tried to get on the same page with information. He meant well and tried his best to make the night work for us. He told me that the accommodations were under renovation, which we had been promised previously, but he remembered that there were two random mattresses upstairs that we could sleep on. He took us up three flights of stairs in the back to a building under some decent renovations. The building also hosted a school for young, troubled kids to learn to play music, we found out via the woman working there. He showed us the mattresses in the random under construction rooms. He assured us that they were pretty much new mattresses, clean and with new covers on them. Cody was doing his best to help and even convinced the bands to give all the money to us, the touring band, in the end. Bless him. We picked up tacos down the road at a good vegan taco place called Tucos Tacos. That was good. After the show, I talked to Cody a bit, gave him a drummer stick bag that was left there, a person’s bag that was oddly left with hundreds of dollars in cash in it and we figured out how we were going about the morning. After a while talking, it was around 2:30AM and we needed to sleep so we went upstairs, milled about and made a bit of a ruckus being silly and cleaning up to the best of our ability before bed. There were also people down the hall living there, they were up all night, and it was scary to hear crashes and echoes down the hallway from where we were sleeping. I didn’t sleep well. Slept half on the mattress with my hoodie as a pillow again.