It was nice to, at long last, wake up somewhere that we did not have to immediately pack up and load out of in the morning. We stayed at a relatives place in Toronto and with Guelph only an hour away and Ottawa as our next stop, it only made sense to stay there two nights in a row. Today was real exciting in that we had no time to explore the city because we were finally given the chance to sleep in and our vehicle needed an oil change. So, as Patrick worked – he’s been working on his laptop on tour – from our accommodations, Alea and I went out and took the car in to a shop, wandered around an unappealing industrial district and went back to load up and ship out.
Guelph was far different than we had anticipated. The architecture was fine and, in a way, Gothic in the area that we were playing with an enormous church, that we would have liked to play in, at the end of the block. We loaded into the giant room, The District Lounge, that we later performed in and chose to walk around a bit for food and leisure. Eventually, we trailed back to the venue, set up and relaxed for a bit. I think that I spent most of my night in the green room-type area beside the stage. The venue was kind of bizarre for me with it being a sorry off of the ground and very much a club sort of setting but, enjoyable nonetheless to play, especially with such a large stage. Before the night was even over, we loaded our gear out and headed back to Toronto to get a decent sleep only to be caught in the same amount of traffic that seems to run all day. Jumping between lines of cars and, what seemed like, five hundred different highways, we made it back to our beds and called it a night.