As a Canadian, you sometimes don’t think much of your own capital, even though that’s where many decisions that greatly affect your life are made. When you think of the main cities in Canada, the main 3 that come up are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver (not to say the others aren’t important, those are just the ones you hear most about).

Going into Ottawa, we were all quite exhausted from the previous night, as we were driving back from our Guelph show to sleep in Toronto. We managed to hit congestion on the highway at 1 in the morning, which was extremely strange, frustrating, and booOOOOoooring. As we were going to leave Toronto, I remembered that my mom was actually going to visit my sister, who we were staying with. That was definitely a bit surreal, as my mom lives near Vancouver, and it’s not often that we’re all together.

Leaving to Ottawa, we passed by a number of ONroutes, a specialty of Ontario highways, each containing a gas station and a few food outlets. As tempting as A&W/frozen ice cream treats was at the time, we decided to just fill up on gas and continue on our journey. Our journey which thanks to Google Maps, led us on the backroads of Kingston. We passed by a beautiful lake which we all wanted to swim in, but were unable to as we had to get to Jer’s aunt’s place in Ottawa (later I found out that The Good in Everyone got to swim in that lake, causing a great amount of jealousy in my soul but understanding as well).

Arriving in Ottawa, all of us were so exhausted from the drive, that all we wanted to do was rest. Rest however, had to take a backseat, as we were fed a DELICIOUS Tex-Mex casserole, which was vegetarian. As someone who doesn’t really enjoy beans and tomatoes, this was extremely enjoyable, as it made me forget everything I didn’t like about them. I also consumed a nice cold Heineken, which buzzed me up a slight bit. Talking to his aunt, I learned that she works for the government, which led to interesting, many angering, but also sometimes humourous stories about what happens behind the scenes in politics.

After our delicious dinner/drinks/rest, we made our way to the venue, the Avant-Garde Bar & Gift Shop. Upon arrival, I was delighted to find that it was based on Soviet-era art and decor, which I am quite a fan of. Seeing that it was a smaller, more intimate environment, we decided to tone down our set a bit, leading to one of the most comfortable shows we’ve played thus far. The place managed to fill up quite a bit, which was very gratifying, as we didn’t know what to expect.

Kaylie Seaver opened up the evening, in which she did a soft singer-songwriter style set, playing the piano, guitar, and autoharp. If you’re into vocals that are hella dope, check her out. She’s a multi-disciplinary artist, so there’s a variety of different things to check out.

Next up was us, which ended up being a less-mobile show, as much of the space was taken up by gear/people. The crowd was not a talkative one, which ends up leading to a more enjoyable show. Also, this was our first time on this tour that we did an encore, which led to an undesirable amount of tuning and a 6+ minute play-through of a new song of ours. Still unsure whether the crowd regretted their decision. Oh well.

Following us was The Good in Everyone, who I’ve had a great time playing with this tour on bass. The closer in their set/EP, Shambolic, has a section in it which allows for a bass solo, so each show I’ve been trying to improve what I can do, leading to some ridiculous bass licks which luckily land on the downbeat of the next section (for the most part).

After a gradual volume-increasing set, TGIE finished and the Haig loaded their gear on stage, which led to much interest in the gear they use, as it is extensive and vintage. I did the sound for their set, as their were complications earlier with the soundperson leading to them doing sound for everyone else in the night. Following slight problems with Mainstage, everything was working and they started doing what they do best, progging the heck out. It was exactly what I needed at the time, and I urge everyone to check it out and listen. Plus, the bassist had pretzels in his beard, so that’s always good fun. The Haig closed out the night, and we headed back to our accommodations, going straight to sleep.

After a delicious breakfast, we found that one of our tires was flat, leading to frustration that was quickly dealt with and we started heading to the next city, Montreal.

– Patrick