Touring is the most unique experience I think any of us have ever had. You are constantly displaced, and having to always be somewhere at a certain time is incredibly exhausting. You’re never absorbing each place you’re staying or performing, and it’s hard to leave a place that you wanted to get to know.

Every night I’m in a different venue bathroom with my phone jammed to my ear, listening to my vocal warmups and trying to follow along to get my voice ready for whatever sound situation will be happening that night, for an unpredictable audience and an unpredictable reception. We’ve been so lucky to have the turnouts we’ve been having, and we’re really happy to be having successful shows, whether that means we moved an audience member and made a new fan or we actually made money that night.

Despite having a flat tire in Ottawa, we got the car fixed up and arrived in Montreal with ample time before the show. We drove to Divan Orange to find the entire street blocked off for an enormous street festival, and it was crazy trying to drive around and load in our gear amid all the bustle, while also taking it all in. We were all running on fumes by the end of the night.

With all that being said, I’m very grateful that we decided to take a day off in Montreal after our show on the Sunday night; having the time to stop and enjoy where you are is a rare luxury, and we took full advantage of it. It was a calm, rainy day, with few signs of the activity that had conspired the day before. Wandering around the city and talking casually with new friends was a huge breather for all of us, and we’re now preparing for the long haul back to Vancouver, starting with Kingston tomorrow night.