Yesterday was a relaxing change of pace, today was a moderate to rushed change of pace. We spent our last hours in Montreal checking out an incredibly hip thrift shop called “Eva B” and an amazing bakery called “Guillaume”. It was nice to be completely surrounded by an entirely different culture and immerse ourselves in a lifestyle that we aren’t particularly used to. We began our trek back home by wedging through the downtown Montreal traffic and I’m between construction zones only to eventually land in Kingston with our minds set on the night. Taking a bit of a walk around, we took in some of the city and found a pizza place that makes 22” pizzas – that’s bigger than my bass drum… Anyways, we made it back just in time to catch the list of Aaron Carter’s set… that’s right, Aaron Carter’s set pushed our show back but, we caught the last bit of his set which was more than memorable.
The space that we played in was nice and CFRC was kind enough to sponsor the evening. The crowd proved kind and enthusiastic as well. Apparently, Aaron Carter said he would stick around for our set so, I presume that he did because I trust his word.
Overall, despite the much needed break the day prior, it was nice to hit the stage again and most of all, we’re excited to be that much closer to sleeping in our own beds.