¬† ¬†More driving. Our goal was, yet again, to make it as far as possible before our show tomorrow in Thunder Bay. It’s a little weird to think that we are already on our way back to the west coast but, it also feels like we’ve been away for like a month. Spending most of your time in a small car can be particularly exhausting. Needless to say, we miss our own beds and home-cooked meals. Canned foods and peanut butter have been our saving grace on this trip along with Subway and Red Bull. I’m not sure that we’ll even know how to sleep properly the first few days that we’re back.
Tonight, we’re staying with one of Alea’s relatives in Sault Ste. Marie, a ten hour drive from Kingston, and we are beginning to cherish real beds as the days go on. Tomorrow, we have a show in Thunder Bay with a few very friendly bands; it’s gonna’ be a dense drive and a good time. If only these cities were closer together. Maybe next time we’ll tour the states or somewhere with shorter drives between cities. It’s really held us from experiencing these cities as much as we would like to.