Our second to last day seemed shorter than usual despite the length of the nine hour drive which has become the norm for these car rides. We left Regina in good spirits approaching the last city of the tour. With the high of the night before still pumping through our minds, we powered through five hours or so of straight highway and prairie. Pulling up to Medicine Hat, we made a stop in the Value Village right off the motorway but, unfortunately, found nothing worth bringing back. Only making stops for gas and a few snacks, it wasn’t long before we had trailed all the way across Alberta and into British Columbia. It’s more than safe to say that we all felt the wave of relief passing through the mountains again. Everything from the air to the water in our bottles helped comfort us driving through the most dangerous rock slide area in Canada, “Frank’s Slide”. Eventually, we arrived safely in Cranbrook and pulled into our accommodations. Tomorrow, we will be playing our last show in Cranbrook and… well, it’s a strange thought for all of us… both sad and exciting.