Leaving this morning at 9:30AM, we hit the road; a cavalcade of heat and truckers. We pretty well powered through most of the trek with our minds in tact despite the unexpected number of construction zones along the way. Wishing that we had booked a night at any one of the cities that we had to make stops in already, we filled the void of bad decisions and driving with leftover Chinese food and pretzels. After a nine and a half hour drive in the tour van, AKA Alea’s car, AKA Sweatbox 2015, we arrived in Banff at the Hi-Alpine Centre in one piece – the car is currently packed to the brim, with most of the contents of the backseat spilling over onto Patrick thus showering him in a snack avalanche.
Checking into the hostel was both a treat and surprise. Upon signing in, we were surprised to find free meals, hot showers, comfortable beds and, most of all, free parking. It was most definitely the most luxurious means of kicking off our travels and we feel extremely lucky to have been provided such gracious, kind hospitality. The small pub downstairs proved quaint, intimate and filled with friendly travelers and eager listeners. We decided on a more stripped down set off the cuff of older material given the size of the venue and went upstairs for dinner.
Feeling good about how we all played and hobbling back to our beds after each of our sets, we awaited the fourteen shows that we had coming for us.