Hello, there. We just played at the Brixx in Edmonton with two wonderful bands, Run Deer Run and We Were Friends (and The Good in Everyone, but we’re touring with them so I feel like I don’t need to mention it). People from the show seemed to notice that we played, which is a positive thing for an indie band playing at a bar. My stage banter reached a whole nutha level of awks tonight, which probably wasn’t a good thing. Saying “get your booty on the dance floor” doesn’t always work in a deadpan voice with crowds.
The drive to the show from Banff was interesting. Since I’m working on the road, it’s hard often to get signal because of the mountains, but once we got to the ¬†AB-2 highway, it seemed easier. The internet connection anyway, I can’t say the same about the drive. People are nuts! Going way past the speed limit, tailgating like a mother fricker, ignoring the designated passing lane, and swerving in front of each other, it really was a battlefield on that long, straight road.
We’re staying at my uncle and aunt’s place, which I feel so fortunate about, as they are hella nice to us and are fellow musicians (my uncle plays in the symphony!), so they understand our lifestyle. Plus they put out nice snacks. I like snacks. And iced tea. Iced tea is dope as heck.
Stay tuned for the next blog, which is sure to blow your mind (mindfreak).

– Patrick