I think it is safe to speak on behalf everyone in saying that tonight was one of the most memorable, enjoyable shows we’ve ever experienced. Everything from the incredible lineup to the enthusiastic crowd, again, especially for our first time in this city, completely altered our perception of what it can be like performing in a particular place for the first time with no draw or status whatsoever. This tour has simply proven to be a life changing experience in general. It’s hard to believe the amount of positivity that’s floating around right now. We are so thankful for the company and outreach from the bands that we’ve made friends with and it’s only the third day in.
Early today we visited West Edmonton Mall, bought some stuff for the road and played DDR in the arcade but, it seemed to pale in comparison to the time that we had this evening. Audiences members were kind enough to approach us following the set and let us know how good they felt about our music, not to mention we sold a ton of merch which is reassuring, no doubt. We just wish that our recorded physicals were a better representation of what they heard; nonetheless the kindness was overwhelming and heartwarming.
We are beyond thankful to have this amount of positivity surrounding our first major tour and we have the brilliant bands that we’ve played with so far to thank for a lot of that.